Synth Riders coming out of early access

Synth Riders coming out of early access

The rhythm Synth Riders game comes out of early access and gets a full upgrade for PC VR and the Oculus release for Quest. And version Quest and a full upgrade for PC VR will appear on October 31.


The game was originally released in early access for PC VR in July last year. Since then, the developers of Kluge Interactive doubled the number of songs available in the game, and was presented by the editor of bit-maps with open source. The PC version of VR is also one of the few games that officially support in-game integration of tools for tracking fitness from VR fitness of YUR company. Given that the game is quite active and can be good exercise, integration is useful in order to get an idea of how many calories you burn while playing and measuring their sessions Synth Rider.



Version, Quest will benefit from the launch with all the improvements and additions that Synth Riders have received in the past year or so in the early access. Quest users will have access to 30 songs, 4 difficulty levels and different game modes, including the modes “Normal”, “Box”, “Stamina” and “Force”. Kluge Interactive also confirmed that the version of Quest will also be an official map editor bits and will include an exclusive song for the users Quest. However, unfortunately, it won’t run multiplayer or global leaderboards.


Version Quest will also be slightly cheaper than version game for PC VR at a price of $ 16,99 compared to the price of $ 19.99 on other platforms.



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