XR content streaming with Varjo Reality Cloud is now available

Streaming XR content with Varjo Reality Cloud is now available

The Finnish company Varjo takes another step in its evolution from a manufacturer of viewers to a service company specialized in XR software with the launch today of Varjo Reality Cloud, its platform for the execution of applications and real-time transmission of ultra-realistic virtual content.

This virtual space allows us to review the design models together as if we were physically in the same space. This technology is a significant step towards democratizing the use of the XR for collaborative work thanks to its ease of use and requiring fewer hardware requirements,” says T. Jon Mayer, Head of Exterior Design at Volvo Cars

After having been in tests, starting today Varjo Reality Cloud provides cloud streaming for Autodesk VRED for up to five concurrent users per company. The price of this service is from $1,595 per month. This cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and uses state-of-the-art NVIDIA GPUs.

It is a pioneering platform that will allow creators around the world to access and work with Unity more easily than ever before. By streaming immersive content made with Unity in full quality, it expands access to photorealistic virtual experiences and empowers developers, artists, architects or designers around the world,” says Will McDonald, Senior Director of VR and AR at Unity

However, the key to getting immersive content to be transmitted with visual fidelity without losses or appreciable latency is the foveado streaming algorithm patented by Varjo, it is capable of achieving a compression ratio of 1000:1 and a bandwidth of 35 megabits per second through high-security data encryption.

We are excited to offer a pioneering software service that makes it possible to experience the metaverse at human eye resolution (as well as virtual and mixed reality workflows) in near real time. This can be on virtually any device, platform or viewer with the necessary resolution, not just ours,” says Urho Konttori, co-founder and CTO of Varjo

This platform will work with all viewers, not only with the company’s own, and will be compatible with 3D engines (Unity, Unreal Engine) and design applications such as Autodesk VRED. Among the professional customers who are already using it, we find mainly car manufacturers (Volvo, Kia, Rivian), but it is also designed for other industrial sectors, architecture studios or in medicine.

With Varjo Reality Cloud, users can create collaborative VRED sessions on demand and easily invite decision makers to join. Seeing a realistic, full-scale virtual model of the car being worked on and being able to collaboratively review it in real time makes immersive workflows more efficient than ever,” explains Lukas Fäth, senior product manager at Autodesk

Varjo’s goal is to reach everyone, to turn its cloud into an XR industry standard, so that anyone can transmit their virtual or mixed reality applications and models safely and with the highest quality, at a resolution similar to that of the human eye. Now it is necessary that the viewer is from Varjo, but at the end of this year its users will be able to use it with other devices, not exclusively viewers, but also with computers, tablets and iOS or Android mobiles.

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