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What makes a Ostfriese in case of power failure? He brings a couple of Kilo watts. What attracts a Ostfriese a rope of Emden and Leer? Slide’t. Why is writing a choice-Ostfriese East Frisians thrillers, in which not a single East Frisians joke occurs, but more pain and darkness than in any of Scandinavia-Shocker? Because he wants to be funny. Best-selling author Klaus-Peter Wolf, has at least a good laugh: His series around-the – of course, unconventional investigator, Ann-Kathrin Klaasen, which is still suffering from the not-so-original of the Murdered father-Trauma (“The guilty always run rum still free”), is brutally successful.

The ZDF in his eternal fear, to be, in spite of the about forty crime-series of the ARD as a blue-light emitter suspended, the novels in two years, with a duration of suffering, terrible precognition talented Christiane Paul in the main film role. The solid productions “East Frisian killer” and “East Frisians blood” have the channel that connects the flat country, thrillers, otherwise, like with comic, the label “Macabre now also in the North,” is introduced. “East Frisian sin” wants to connect to it, but Oh, the rope is pushed again.

Dramaturgically woods

Writer Wolf, who has written some of the psychological UPS and downs “Polizeiruf 110” and “crime scene” – screenplays, and left the task to verhackstücken his template with a ninety-minute film (in which the time to the sea, fields and dikes must be), as the first of the films Florian Schumacher. But there must have been a power outage in the Writers ‘ Room, otherwise the result is not to explain. That, apparently, misogyner jerk walls, a young woman is alive and in the dark dungeon of misery dying leaves, we still. We have finally accustomed to the really sharp on-screen psychopaths. What a lack of imagination, the core action, but then is unfolded, the baffled as well as the dreary beside strands.

Ann-Kathrin, your reliable colleague/life partner Frank Weller (Christian Erdmann), and the cool, envious Rupert (Barnaby Metschurat) have to do it first of all, with only a mummified corpse. Dramaturge wooden table – the “Soko Mason” (Stephan Zinner) is turned on, it becomes a whole series. And just at this Moment, another young woman disappears. According to the known knitting pattern and chaotic accident management a windy free churches-Evangelical (Jan Georg Schütte) and a vanished doctor (Jörg Pose) are soon identified a Suspect: the Kidnapped in contradictions entangling ex-boyfriend (Jan-Peter Kampwirth),.

Creativity refusal limits the dialogues of the Commissioner with the spirit of your father (Ernst Stötzner): “there was nothing You could do, my girl.” Hardly realistic, the tension in the Team to act in the face of the question of whether Ann-Kathrin is as good as your reputation. As the Film reaches its low point. There were a lot of awkward empathy sequences in psycho-analytical soft-on-crime stories, but this production, directed by Rick Ostermann sets standards: Because of the heroine in the mummy room and the VR-glasses-comes through another corpse cellar no idea, it can be a short-hand self-bricking. The meager insight: “You will be completely thrown back on themselves.” Ann-Kathrin suspects then – out of nowhere – the true motive, but the resulting parallel otherwise. The whole hocus-pocus was for naught.

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The resolution of the Case is so bonkers that “East Frisian sin” is because of his intense seriousness but as a bad joke. The weak staging – wide country, in contrast to the claustrophobic Tightness of the Inner – and left recordings; talking heads; slack up texts said (only Barnaby Metschurat has energy); the music of the sauce – and I’m planning to watch a movie which is what the mummified everyday German television should be as soon as possible to remove, if it is to survive against the huge series competition. Wall drum and forget.

East Frisians sin, at 20.15 PM on ZDF

Source: F. A. Z.

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