Sense Arena: hockey training in VR

Sense Arena: hockey training in VR

With glasses VR professionals of ice hockey and those who want to become them, should be able to train typical exercises more efficiently.


Prague VR-startup “Sense Arena”based in 2017, has focused precisely in this niche: VR-training for professional athletes. The modern system of training designed for professionals and Amateur ice hockey.


With wireless VR goggles on their heads and tracked a stick for ice hockey players are typical training exercises with the special goal of increasing interaction between perception and muscular performance.



In VR more complex exercises should be repeated faster than in reality. The VR system also provides a learning Analytics.



According to the company, seven hockey clubs or schools currently using 27 systems Sense Arena. According to Sense Arena, NHL team “The Golden Knights” uses the system for professional training and for a fan of fun. The startup was also able to get a as a partner of the famous Czech hockey player Jaromir Jagr.


In the system Sense, the Arena was about 1600 players, most of them from Europe. Access to learning software may be from 200 euros per month plus cost of hardware. More information is available on the official website.




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