Sci-fi shooter VR Boiling Steel comes out in early access

Sci-fi shooter VR Boiling Steel comes out in early access

Studio MiroWin announced the release in early access story sci-fi shooter VR Boiling Steel 5 Dec 2019.


Sci-Fi story shooter VR Boiling Steel comes out December 5, 2019 in early access in stores Steam, Oculus, and VivePort. The story was written by one of the science fiction writers of the series S. T. A. L. K. E. R.

In Boiling Steel you’re one of the many who went in search of a better life in far-off Bastion of scientific progress. Your goal — the planet-colony, free of the bureaucratic, religious and other radical restrictions.





Here explore and freely use industrial teleportation, mind transfer and other banned in the inhabited worlds of technology. Factories, power plants, mines and residential complexes on the planet is fully automated. The dirty and heavy work is done by robotic shell controlled by the consciousness of the operator. This high-tech Paradise. But here something went wrong.





Barely waking from a long sleep in a hibernation capsule, you get in turn. Radical fanatics got here. In the information network was launched virus that turned robots into aggressive killing machines. The Paradise planet was plunged into the chaos of war. The inhabitants of the colony took the chair operators robotic shells and sent to the battle his army of robots. The joint efforts bore fruit.





The virus is localized, the sweep is coming to the final phase. But the “revolt of the robots” is just the tip of the iceberg of that space, facing the planet. Everything that happens next is beyond understanding and plunges the planet into pitch darkness.





Your capsule hibernation is stuck in quarantine on a space station. But that is no reason to take time off. Operate robotic shell engineering corps from orbit! Immerse yourself in the thick of the action and witness unexplained global cataclysm. Reveal his nature and save the planet. But first survive myself.





Boiling Steel is a sci — Fi VR shooter with an intriguing storyline.



— The unique system for rapid reloading weapons adds drive and gives a unique gaming experience.
Nine different type and principle of operation of tools, with well-implemented mechanics two-handed grip, allow the player to choose their own playing style.
— Weapons upgrade system automatically improves favorite and frequently used tool, gradually turning it into a hell of a car.
— The ability to amplify the selected options robotic shell adapts the gameplay for the player.
— Randomly generated biomes and danger make each new playthrough of the game unique.
— Designed story missions reveal the dark secrets of the planet and keep the suspense until the very end.
— Realistic graphics fully plunges you into a thrilling reality of the fantastic world of the future.
— A minimum of 10 hours of gameplay even for experienced players.





Welcome to the universe Boiling Steel! Explore, fight and share.

And remember, the Overdrive — steeper than any weapon.




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