Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Edge, unveiled at Ifa

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Edge, unveiled at Ifa

Much has been oracles are consulted about what is Samsung on the Ifa in Berlin. Among other things, the speech was in rumors from the Galaxy Note Edge, but much more than the name, no one knew. A three-sided or rounded screen, it had been speculated. Now, Samsung has shown the device for the first time and not disappointed: On his right side, the Display is bent to the rear. A very unusual sight.

Samsung uses the angled part of the screen as a second Display. In the Standard mode will appear on the lateral surface of the Icons of frequently used Apps. But you can also use it differently. For example, there is already a Twitter Widget, the new messages in the landscape format as the run is text on the angled Display.

On the prototype, we were able to look at us, were also an exchange-rate-to see the Widget and a weather Widget. In principle, any developer can use the extra space for his App. While playing around with the Edge, it showed that you quickly get used to the screen with a kink in him and intuitive to use.

A professional Project Cardboard

It is the same with the Gear VR, Samsung’s first Virtual-Reality glasses. Instead of developing a complex construct such as Sony’s Morpheus or the Oculus Rift, the Koreans apparently, Google’s Project Cardboard inspiration. Reminder: Google Cardboard unveiled at its developer conference Google I/O. It was at the time, as a kit, made of cardboard, combined with two cheap lenses and an App. But the result was fascinating.

Samsung Gear VR is, so to speak, the Pro variant. The Samsung glasses is made from plastic, with adjustable elastic bands, so it sits comfortably on the head. With a twist of the knob, the distance of the lens to adjust the eyes, and thus the sharpness of the image. And just like with Google Cardboard glasses has no screen of its own. Instead, a Smartphone is inserted in the glasses and the Display used.

The special lenses, as well as the necessary Apps Samsung Virtual Reality specialists Oculus suppliers. The result is quite impressive: The glasses creates three-dimensional pictures, the consequences of the movements of the head, without noticeable delay.

The thickness of pixels in spite of a particularly high resolution

This is likely to be due to the fact that the Gear VR in the current Version only works with the Ifa for the first time, shown the Galaxy Note 4. The Quad-core processor has, obviously, not a Problem to calculate the pictures quickly. At first glance, amazing is not only that the image quality meets the expectations. Finally, the Note 4 on the 5.7-inch 2560 x 1440 pixels.

For a phone that is very much, only the LG G3 has a similar Display. Because the screen is divided for the VR-glasses in two halves, in each eye, only 1280 x 1440 pixels. In combination with the magnifying lenses of the glasses, the images appear, therefore, despite the high resolution, pixelated.

Panorama function for group Selfies

Apart from the fact that it is the VR glasses helps jog your memory, the Note 4, among other things, by a new photo feature called Wide Selfie, a kind of panorama function for the 3.7-Megapixel front camera. In fact, groups of so-Selfies-take pictures – – when all keep silent.

A good first impression, the Voice Recorder App, the Samsung with the Note 4. You can’t filter out thanks to three microphones is not only effective in addition to noise, but displays when playing back recordings graphically, who where sitting. By the tip of your finger, you can hide individual votes.

In the same vein, the new Snap-based feature goes. It is a dream for students To take photos with the phone, the image of the Board and the phone converts the tangle of letters, Numbers, and lines in a digital image of the Board, which you can edit on the phone, and change.

This watch is a cell phone

Samsung’s new Smartwatch, the Gear S will appear, in addition to these new products, almost exclusively as a decorative accessory, is due to the fact that they had already been declared in advance. In the short practice test, you made a good impression.

Her curved, Two-inch screen ensures that it is possible to read on the clock messages or photos. Even the Entering text via on-screen keyboard seems to be without major contortions possible. Thanks to the integrated UMTS module, it is actually a Smartphone that can be worn on your Arm.

But Samsung watch is not, by no means be the only Smartwatch that is presented at the Ifa. So it remains to be seen whether other models can match.

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