Programmers versus time thieves. Response

Programmers versus time thieves. Response

Programmers! Our eternal enemies-the thieves of time-have long been active against the coder and coder community, regardless of their seniority and place of employment, which we find in the face of many years of experience and-traditionally in such speeches-against history.

At this unique moment in history, we appeal to all people working in it, in the deep conviction that the entire community of programmers and other IT professionals will stand up for productivity and their own work efficiency and will give a worthy response to the attackers. We call on everyone to bravely face the threats that effectively distract from programming and from intensive work over the implementation of certain projects, pushing into the clutches of laziness, discouragement and constant postponement.

We perfectly understand the attractiveness of the maxim: what you have to do today, do the day after tomorrow-you will have two days off. But is that really what a programmer’s job is all about? We believe that most coders and coders, however, have other priorities and that we all, together, closer to Mickiewicz you fly above the levels!. Therefore, we warn developers about the following threats and at the same time advise.

Social networks


Social networks are cunning and cunning opponents. It doesn’t matter if Facebook, LinkedIn, goldenline or StackOverflow winks at you. All these portals work in the same way: first they beckon with new contacts, the possibility of promoting their own person, and then-it is not known when-it turns out that we are sitting in their clutches.

As a result, we constantly feel the need to log into social media and check what is happening there. Just for a second. One last time. All right, this is the last time! As a result… one moment turns into several, and then into several minutes, and finally into an hour or several hours.


Install applications that block access to selected social networks (e.g. StayFocusd, keepmeout, etc.).

For hopeless cases: limit the number of social networks on which you have a profile. In extreme cases-delete all social accounts and keep your fingers crossed for yourself.

No planning


You know perfectly well what the goal is to achieve, and yet, do not move forward? How’s work going? Would you like to get as far away from your desk as possible? The reason can be only one-you have not planned your work properly. You’re tossing and turning, and you can’t finish any of them. Your blood pressure rises, heartburn attacks, until finally there is frustration. Because the deadline is approaching, and with it the reprimand of the superior will inevitably appear.


Divide the task into smaller ones and complete them one by one. Plan activities for each working day. Use apps to help manage time and tasks (e.g. Wrike, basecamp, etc.).

For hopeless cases: throw the task on the shoulders of a colleague. Escape to release L4.

Messy desk


Wait, wait, I don’t care! Documentation of a previous project, handwritten notes of various ideas, an advertising newspaper of the cheapest grocery chain on the market, a product specification, a piece of yesterday’s pizza, a favorite book, etc., etc.

Do you sometimes look for a valid document in the thicket of other things that besiege your desk? It’s all right, you’ll find what you need in the end! Of course I do. However, how much time did you have to spend on this? A few minutes? What if we have to look for something again? Will you spare another few minutes?


Move to another vacant desk. You can also wait until a friend or colleague-who, oddly enough, maintain impeccable order at home-go to the toilet and occupy their desk during this time (attention! It can cause conflicts.).

For hopeless cases: clean up your own desk, get rid of unnecessary things.

Chatterbox attack


Did you run into a friend in the hallway again who wants to tell you about her love affairs? A friend of mine picked you up at your desk and told you about how he spent his last weekend? In every office you can find people who love to talk, talk and talk, and then talk again. There’s no end to their talk. As a result, listening to such an oratorical description, you waste valuable minutes, which can be used more effectively.


Learn assertiveness, like the word ” no.” Inform the bully in advance that we do not have time or we can devote him 5 minutes. It is worth ostentatiously look at the watch. Don’t nod. Run away under any pretext.

For hopeless cases: hide in the toilet and wait until the intrusion goes away.

Intrusive phones


If you take a dozen calls a day, talking only a few minutes each time, how much time do you waste on such conversations during the day? Hint: a lot! It doesn’t matter if it’s a client you can’t get along with or a jealous fiancée. Any such conversation not only steals valuable time, but also precipitates from the rhythm of work.


In the case of a difficult client, it is better to meet in person and explain any doubts than to engage in meaningless telephone conversations. Learn to be assertive and inform that we do not have much time to talk. Use a phone with a number display and answer only important calls. During the conversation, avoid open-ended questions and answer with monosyllabic words. Let the caller know we’re about to call it a night.

For hopeless cases: turn off the phone.

Reading meaningless feedback

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