Potential billion market: Apple could be preparing for the next big Bang

2017 was the year arrived in the Virtual Reality for the first time, really for the consumer. But before could prevail Playstation VR, Vive, Oculus Rift and co. at all correctly, is planned for 2017, the next big thing.

Augmented Reality, i.e. the integration of alternative realities in the real world via a special pair of glasses, a Smartphone or a Tablet is soon to conquer the world. Tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, or Facebook is to make the technology of the broad group of buyers, mass-accessible. All is set to Apple, of which experts are convinced that you are developing an AR-glasses, which could together with the iPhone 8 the market.

As you can see on the chart, the statistics website Statista, see, the AR market, a possible billion-dollar market that could bring in over the next five years, nearly 50 billion dollars. The AR division could generate three times as much in sales by the year 2021, compared to VR systems, the 2016 solid $ 2.1 billion in the coffers washed. The AR systems are being connected then makes sense in the PC world, in social networks and on Smartphones, is the next digital Revolution, nothing more in the way of that.

AR_VRStatista Apple AR

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