Polaroid Lab animates photos with AR animations

Polaroid Lab animates photos with AR animations

A new feature from Polaroid allows you to use their device Polaroid Lab to transfer physical images in the format AR to your phone.


Polaroid Lab is a new device that can scan a digital photo with your phone screen and immediately print it on Polaroid film, allowing you to quickly transform digital photos into physical. Using the app Polaroid Originals, you can choose a digital photo scanner to scan it and then transform into a photo. You can watch the video on the channel Polaroid on YouTube which demonstrates the process from beginning to end.


Polaroid Lab Ar



However, the application has other cool features that use AR for the revival of physical photos. Using the same printer and scanner Polaroid Lab, you can use the app Polaroid Originals to select videos stored on your device. Then you cut the video to just the right snippet for the animation and choose a key frame for use as a physical printed photos. Then the scanner scans video and key the frame with your phone is the same as normal, but also deals a small barcode in the lower right corner of the photo.



What you get is a physical photo Polaroid with the bar code AR in the lower right corner. When you use your phone’s camera app in the Original Polaroids, the photo will come to life with AR and plays the animation you selected earlier in the development process.


поляроид ар


This exquisite feature may seem useless, but it can also be very cool — imagine that you have a whole wall of photos, but also everything comes to life when you use your phone to view hidden inside of them AR animations.



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