Pimax is a VR-headset 5K SUPER 180 Hz

Pimax is a VR-headset 5K SUPER 180 Hz

At CES 2020 Pimax has announced a new headset to its lineup, which offers a higher refresh rate than any other headset on the market.


Pimax is a Chinese company that offers a wide field of view for virtual PC headsets.


5K SUPER is an enhanced version of the main product Pimax, 5K Plus. Like 5K Plus, it offers field of view of 170 degrees and two 1440p LCD panel.


But unlike any other headset on the market, 5K SUPER offers maximum refresh rate 180 Hz.


This is higher than even the Index Valve, which offers the maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz. Facebook actually decreased the frequency of updates to its line of Oculus, from 90 Hz to 80 Hz and 72 Hz.


A higher refresh rate will make virtual reality more fluid when you move on it, and will also make the motion smoother. It will also help to reduce eye strain and even help reduce the “VR sickness”.


стенд pimax на ces 2019 в мечтах мы живем


5K SUPER did not specify any prices, but the usual headset 5K Plus costs $ 699 (only the vr-helmet), so expect that it will be higher. Headset Pimax currently does not come with controllers or base stations, so the buyer will need to add base stations and controllers.


SUPER 5K receives a long list of headsets available from Pimax. However, it should be noted that Pimax has a history of delays with the delivery of their new products and repeatedly failed to comply with its own deadlines. These circumstances should be considered when ordering.



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