Pimax introduced a new VR headset "Artisan"

Pimax introduced a new VR headset “Artisan”

Pimax introduced a new VR headset called “Artisan” which, according to European marketing Director Martin Pimax “SweViver” Lammi, should not have to disclose to CES 2020.


Pimax did this mysterious tweet and also posted the image on his website:



The resolution of the headset is lower than the other models, “8K”, including a display of 3200 × 1440. It is unclear whether it is one display, which makes it virtually dual display 1600 × 1440 for each eye, or is it really two display 3200 × 1440. Given that he also announced a lower field of view (FOV) at 140 degrees (options, “8K” and “5K” are advertised with 200-degree FOV), it is likely that this can be a single panel, divided in two for each eye. Artisan boasts the same refresh rate of 120 Hz, and Pimax “5K” Plus, the headset for $ 700 — so given all the circumstances, Pimax can position Artisan as its newest inexpensive headset.


It is still too small to draw conclusions, so it is difficult to guess what is committed Pimax with its mysterious price “$?49,00”. However, the company still lags behind in fulfilling orders headset “8K” for sponsors and customers Kickstarter, so Christmas images can be just empty marketing, and most likely does not point to a launch before Christmas of 2019.


Martin “SweViver” Lammi, of course, was taken aback by that announcement, as it went to the forums Pimax to explain that the detailed answer will go to CES 2020, which will be held in early January:


“If anyone asks me what’s going on here, well I don’t know. Or I know, but I can’t talk about it. I can’t speak about this device at all. Officially it does not exist. It was supposed to be announced and demonstrated at CES, but obviously someone did not agree.”


Further Lammi admits that even he doesn’t know about the release date and that he’s not sure why Artisan is the same size as the versions of “8K” and “5K” companies that have more of the advertised FOV.


“Equipping a new design from scratch is very expensive and time consuming. The new design can happen in the future (who knows), but certainly not this time” — suggests Lammi.


Whatever it was, it seems, to see the new headset will be at CES 2020, which will be held in Las Vegas from 7 to 10 January 2020.



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