Physics Playground — a sandbox-style Boneworks, available for free on Oculus Quest

Physics Playground — a sandbox-style Boneworks, available for free on Oculus Quest

One of the most downloaded apps on SideQuest is even better.


New update release v1.2.1 for Physics Playground adds a number of new features to the popular VR game environment, including the physics of the whole body, absolutely new gaming environment, improved physics NPCs, new weapons and tools, as well as many other additions and optimization; it is a kind of Boneworks Lite for Oculus Quest.


Using a new mechanic Boneworks based on jumping and climbing, you can scale different parts of the colorful cards virtual FreeRunner. You can even use the new tool a crowbar to gain access to particularly difficult locations. Another new item — a samurai sword that can be used to cut the mannequins.



Two buttons, located on the map, it is possible to use, for example, to create up to five test dummies — both passive and aggressive. Update v1. 2.1 contains several improvements in the physics of the NPC that allows you to get some really funny moments in the gameplay.


Other additions include a new mechanic remote capture, inspired by Half-Life: Alyx inspired by the Pavlov pouch of infinite ammunition, modes of sitting and standing, as well as several other optimizations and improvements. Full list of changes can be viewed here.


According to the developer, this new system will be used as the basis for VR games released Stonepunk Studios in the future. So the current update is likely to be one of the last for Physics Playground. Here is what the developer of the game:


Thank you all for your support and interest in my project. With over 50,000 downloads, I knew I had to go back again and raise the bar even higher. You inspired me to move forward to create this whole new experience that will lay the Foundation for future events.


This new system will be used in future games Stonepunk Studio, Studio, to which I have recently joined as a lead engineer. We are a small team but we each have our own unique strengths, and together we will create the virtual reality experience to the next generation.


To create this new, full experience, I completely focus on them, so this update will be one of the last for Physics Playground. From this point on will only be bugfixes and General improvements. I look forward to your impressions and review videos!


For beginners now’s the time. My path to game development began 2 years ago, and I started without any knowledge of game development or coding, but with patience and determination I went through all the UPS and downs to reach where I am now.


Start simple, start small. Before moving to the next level, get familiar with the tool you selected.


Special thanks to those who inspired me to start developing games: Stress Level Zero, thank you for joining in the era of virtual reality the next generation. nimSony, thanks for pioneering development of physics virtual reality. Special thanks also to those who supported me along the way: Mazladore, Jason, Morgan, Camobiwon and my family. — Exo.


Physics Playground is now available on Oculus Quest through a SideQuest.



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