Only dull blows

Khas always been, the play want to, are in the computer game industry properly. Entices you still with integrity paced paths, provides a space to Try things out, as stories shared it with, and what topics to offer. For experiments beyond the Blockbuster title, there is a market, even short games such as the innovative Virtual Reality adventure “Transference” of Elijah wood’s production company Spectre Vision (F. A. Z.-27. September 2018) find your audience.

As the Japanese developer company Square Enix last June made on the computer game show “E3” first details of “The Quiet Man”, were the reactions are positive. An Action-Adventure with a deaf protagonist, whose Handicap the game experience influenced in a decisive? This looked promising.

Fights are only accompanied by a thud noise

The game opened with a quiet camera pans across New York City at night. Soon the camera is found our hero. After a few steps, he pulls off the black hood and revealed his youthful face, which is covered half and half by the chin-length dark blond hair. The man named the Dane looks artificial in its flawlessness. It’s part of the concept. Just moments later, he is caught with Gang members to each other and in its playable, animated Form turn; an exchange, the irritated from the glossy Aesthetics of the built-in real movie scenes with real actors, and the well-coordinated lighting concept is surprisingly little.

With this Transition, a drastic change on the Sound level but especially. The player is supposed to take on the perspective of the powerful protagonists, and of the deaf. The battles against various scoundrels will only be accompanied by a thud noise, nothing else is heard. The Controller vibrates. It is to the hero’s health is bad, change the color concept. On scrap of a Trauma from the past, the players, however, does not irritate must be flashing in the middle of the fight will be remembered, because the opponents do not have a break.

When you first Experience the charm acts fully, unfortunately, you have to realize soon, with great disappointment, that in addition to these combat actions (their options are limited pressures to a few simple button) quasi-interactive action exists.

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The story is set in the filmed between scenes, and goes something like this: The Hero has lost in his Childhood, the mother, by a violent crime and is working as the right Hand (or fist) in a night club owner. Together with a female singer, the curiously looks exactly like the deceased mother, and one day of a Gangster in a bird mask is kidnapped. The Story is not inspired just,, not even for the largest can see that. The lies rather in the fact that almost all the characters know in the game to the disability of the protagonist, but completely normal to talk to him – minutes long. The Hero seems to understand its Opposite, apparently he is a master to read the lips. That is not likely to apply to most of the players. And so you find yourself stunned before long cinematic sequences, which are simply turned off the sound.

It is not to deny that this increased attention to facial Expressions and Gestures of the actors and to the reflection on the perception and presentation pattern of stories encourages. But the makers have a rest on the hint in the game’s plot is not involved. After about three hours of fight with three knobs against the same opponent (in fact, the same actors were used as the template for countless in-game characters), and silent film sequences, the nightmare is over. You can pay tribute to Square Enix for the courage to take risks, respect. With the implementation of the developers prove to be the Medium, but a disservice.

The Quiet Man, for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, will cost about 15 euros.

Source: F. A. Z.

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