Of the country where the developers earn best

Quite expectedly, the highest-paid are American it professionals. On average, their income is 109 167 dollars a year. In this article we compare data for 23 countries.

The portal finanse.ua release information, citing the results of a study Hackerrank, which was attended by more than 116 thousand developers.

In second place after the USA on the wages of programmers were Australia ($88 538), followed followed by Canada ($72 771).

It is noteworthy that in 2020 in the top five not in the UK and the Netherlands.

As for the United States, there are leading Western cities with an average salary of $128 197. Quite a bit behind the North-East, where developers receive about $112 870.

Western region most favorable for the it Department in such cities as:

  • San Francisco – 147,9 thousand dollars;
  • Seattle – 134,5 thousand dollars;
  • Los Angeles – 129 thousand dollars.

Northeast best wages to offer it professionals in Boston – 116,8 thousand dollars. The second position is new York- 115,7 thousand.

Statistics says that 39% of developers around the world think their salaries are unfair, and only 35% of respondents fully satisfied with the pay for their work. The remaining 26% could not answer this question.

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