Oculus: "the Time for "2 Rift" or "Rift Pro" has not yet come"

Oculus: “the Time for “2 Rift” or “Rift Pro” has not yet come”

With the announcement in last month’s Rift, it became clear that Oculus was not ready to provide “Rift 2”, and instead decided to focus on how to make an existing Rift experience easier to use , and not to please enthusiasts looking to experience the next generation. It has been suggested that the company could offer “Rift Pro” for the latter group simultaneously with Rift’s, but Jason Rubin from Facebook explained in a recent interview why they do not think this is the right decision.


Jason Rubin was a key representative of Oculus since he joined the company in 2014. Although it is now more widely oversees AR and VR content and partnerships at Facebook, he is still closely connected with Oculus.


“For everything that the company does have to pay. And although there might be some people that we would be very pleased [Rift Pro] or something like that, some group of people would have to create a prototype of this device; some group of people have to deal with the supply chain for this device; some group of people will have to deal with warehousing, delivery and everything else. And these people — when you can only have a company of a certain size, we can’t grow indefinitely — these people will be taken away from other things we are working on,” Rubin said. “So, all we have is compromise, and there will always be someone who thinks that is the best compromise that they could make…”


For those who were hoping for Rift or Rift Pro 2, Rubin argues that the enthusiasts of virtual reality have different opinions about what could make a virtual headset the next generation, and therefore it would be difficult to please a group of enthusiasts in General.


“Other questions:” what is the Rift 2? “If I had created a table of 10 users of the Rift and asked them: “What do you miss?”, Some will say that we have added [using the Rift S] — for example, a higher resolution, which does not violate the ecosystem; other people will say something like “Wireless” that may not disturb the ecosystem, but to deal with higher resolution. Another person may say, “Well, I want the whole body monitored” — well, it disturbs the ecosystem, right? Because it’s not something you can easily add is to add a external sensor or some kind of additional thing that you need to send, and will probably increase the price, ” said Rubin. “When you go around the table user Rift, you’ll discover what you really need is a device worth 3000 or 4000 dollars with all of the features they want at a time.”

According to Rubin, one day the headset of the new generation, but not before they hit the market at the right price.

“VR will continue to progress. Thus, no doubt, at some point we will have the next generation, which we will add some function that will break all the old stereotypes and make them either broken, or make them obsolete. Our goal is not to do it right now. Our goal is to attract more people into the ecosystem. To double ecosystem using the Rift and, say, Rift 2 […] is not quite right.”


“We know more of the Rift, I don’t want to sell the system for $ 800. Not to mention the multimillion-dollar system. So if we offered the right kind of rift 2, we would have made some people really happy , because we would give them what they want; but most people around here don’t get what they want,” said Rubin. “So, we make a big ecosystem that we have now. We know what gamers need a really good screen with high resolution and high quality luminous headset high-resolution, and they want to see their hands. We will develop it until then, until we know what we want to do, and the price will match what we want to do next.”


Right now, according to Rubin, the company believes that the most important thing she can do is expand their ecosystem, and not to introduce any important new features or to fragment their user base.

“[We want] to run the new equipment, which is not enough people who want to develop for it software, and so people begin to say,” For this new stuff is no software why I bought it? And we believe that these two devices [the Quest and Rift’s is something that we need to involve more people in the business. When more and more people want virtual reality are virtual reality and love virtual reality, some of them will be ready to move on to the next generation.”


Source: www.roadtovr.com

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