Oculus can Go to tracking fingers

Oculus can Go to tracking fingers

The successor to the Oculus Go with tracking the fingers can become an “opportunity for the future”, based on the comments made by the leader of the Oculus.


Oculus Go — a budget virtual Facebook headset cost $ 199, which is focused on the exciting media and impressions, and not on active games. It was the first standard off the headset, released in may 2018, a year before the Oculus Quest.


During an interview with the Director of product management at Oculus Facebook Sean Liu was asked whether the selected chip and camera design Qualcomm for future tracking of the fingers:


In fact it is an open question. In the early days we thought of configuring the camera, knowing that “this is an opportunity for the future”, especially when we thought about the Oculus Go and the line of media.


The same camera is required for tracking the fingers, will also allow you to “Go 2” to track the position of the head. The current Oculus Go tracks the head rotation, so the world feels bound to your head when you bend forward, backward or to the side. It’s not particularly convenient and can cause some people nausea.


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Oculus Go barely mentioned during the Oculus Connect 6, with the exception of attempts to encourage the owners to go on a Quest in the announcement of the transfer of the 50 best games Go. This has led many to assume that Go, as the product line will be destroyed. But this seems unlikely. At last year’s Oculus Connect, after the announcement of the Quest, mark Zuckerberg is allocated to Go as a separate product line, not the precursor Quest.


In addition, a product with a price level of only $ 199 Facebook required to meet its high ambitions for attracting 1 billion users in virtual reality . For $ 399 Oculus Quest more accessible than previous high-end VR offers, but still worth more than a games console or tablet. Many people who have tried Quest, still feel that it is somewhat expensive. For someone who will use virtual reality for communication, not for gaming, spend the extra money on the controllers does not make much sense.



Pricing Quest and its focus on games combined with reviews Liu on “line of the media” suggest that Go can really be a successor, again focused on the media and social VR. This product may have approximately the same price as your current one Go, without having a controller and using the future mid-range Snapdragon SoC with a capacity equivalent to that Quest.

If a future platform Facebook Horizon will receive the support hand tracking in the future, which seems very likely, this headset can be a great way to access the Metaverse of the company. For some enthusiasts of virtual reality, hoping to invite their friends into the virtual world, $ 199 may be quite feasible cost, even as a gift.


facebook horizon


Next year Quest will also receive a tracking fingers, which will allow the successor to Go to share any apps created for the new entry system, but not to those that required controllers. Currently shops Go Quest and do not cross-shopping. Tracking fingers must help to solve this problem.


Freed from the shackles of tracking, based only on the rotation, and is equipped with a natural, intuitive controls, but at the same time affordable, Go 2 do Oculus could become “a virtual headset for the masses” that many are waiting for.



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