November: The final track of VR games of 2022 explodes

November: The final track of VR games of 2022 explodes

We were promised so many games for 2022, and they didn’t finish arriving, so we have planted in November and this month’s release schedule seems almost the Final Track of VR Parties of 2022, and that we know that there is powder left for at least two December bombs: The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 Retribution and Hubris.

Thursday, November 3

  • Marvel’s Iron Man VR this day is no longer exclusive to PlayStation VR and comes to Quest2/Pro.
  • Kartoffl with the simplicity and fun by flag these Lemmings spirit potatoes arrive to the Quest store and to Steam.
  • Shores of Loci was on PC VRy in App Lab, from where it jumps to the official Meta Quest store and the Pico one.
  • Desperate Vladivostok takes us to a scenario similar to that of Federation77, with a similar comic aesthetic and its developers, PM Studios, are also Ukrainian. Action and shooting in Quest and PC VR.
  • RoboCo, only for PC viewers, invites us to design and manufacture useful robots.
  • Puzzling Places will open on Monthly Pack nº 7, a DLC that will contain assorted mechanical puzzles and a “very tasty” one to Meta Quest and PlayStation VR.

Friday, November 4

  • Maestro VR, from the Spanish studio Symphonic Games, will turn us into orchestra conductors on Steam in early access, a phase that will last until the middle or end of 2023.
  • Moto X: Motocross races in 7 scenarios. The PC VR version arrives on Steam, in App Lab it is already available for Quest viewers.

Day 10 of November:

  • Among Us is published on the 10th and is already a success in the Meta store since it was put on pre-purchase, it has been in the nº position of the best seller for three weeks. It comes not only to Quest, but also to PC VR, and we will have it on PS VR2 in 2023.
  • The Patcher on November 10th on PC VR, Pico and back in the day was also announced for Quest, so maybe it will come to App Lab now.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator: Update to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this flight simulator. It will be free and will add more helicopters, gliders, classic airplanes, airports and missions from previous editions.

Friday, November 11

  • Suicide Guy will expand its number of challenges on Steam with a new Deluxe edition, which will also arrive at some point to App Lab for Quest, and in 2023 to PlayStation VR2, although you already know that on these two platforms the name of this game is simply The Guy.

Day 15 of November

  • Walkabout Mini Golf: new themed course based on the scenarios of Myst. PC VR and Quest.
  • Smash Drums will be updated with two new features. Fixed drums, to be able to play sitting in front of a drum set and classic mode in the style of Rock Band or Guitar Hero, with colorful drums and cymbals, and a score to follow.

Thursday the 17th

  • Broken Edge: One-on-one sword duels in PC VR and Meta Quest with 6 different warriors and combat styles.
  • Vail comes after a year of betas and the promise of being the multiplayer shooter with the most realistic full-body movement system without using extra sensors. Exclusive PC VR that comes to Steam in early access, but with a lot of initial content.

22 November

  • Beers and Boomerangs: their aesthetic is as casual as their proposal: cooking for our friends and preventing the Australian fauna from stealing our beers. PC VR game that will be published on Steam, where we could already try its demo.

End of November or no date

  • Zenith: Legends Untold: Update with improvements, more quests, another dungeon and being able to play chess.
  • Espire 2: the second part of the stealth game by Digital Lode and Tripwire for Meta Quest 2/Pro.
  • Tiny Islad could not be released on October 21 as planned, so this god with chopsticks will help humanity in November from Steam for PC viewers.
  • Resist is another one whose PC VR version didn’t arrive in October, but it will in November.
  • Morels: Homestead is another one that missed the October train on Steam, because a Quest arrived a year ago.
  • Demeo has not stopped receiving extra contents and improvements, and in November it is very likely that he will surprise us with a new adventure, whose setting is a medieval village, and with the possibility of playing it by hand tracking, without controllers.

In addition, the social application Innerworld, a virtual world dedicated to mental health and spiritual well-being, will arrive at Quest in November. Another metaverse that could open its doors is Sensorium Galaxy, although it has been delayed for a year and on its Steam tab the date November 30 has disappeared for a “coming soon”.

The Pico shop it is going at its own pace, and it will try to get closer to the Goal by launching in November games already released a long time ago on that and other platforms such as TWD: Saints& Sinners, Wraith: The Oblivion- Afterlife, Nock, Drop Dead and many more to be announced.

In PlayStation VR we were waiting for the premiere of Do Not Open, but it was canceled in favor of a PS VR2 version in 2023. In November, if there is going to be any release for PSVR, it will come by surprise, because there are none planned.

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