Motivation systems in Polish IT companies

Motivation systems in Polish IT companies

Financial gratuities, the possibility of professional development, additional benefits, and even facilitating the development of passion and hobby are the most common elements of incentive systems used in Polish IT companies.

The issue of motivation in IT companies has already appeared in our articles, we also dealt with unusual bonuses for employees, and now it’s time to look more broadly at building the involvement of computer scientists – we will deal with incentive systems. This is an important topic, as confirmed by various studies. An example is the designwise report, which states that high motivation, and thus employee engagement, has a huge impact on their performance. Companies that properly motivate their employees tend to have a low turnover rate, and the latter derive greater satisfaction from their duties. It is easy to guess that this then translates into customer satisfaction and better financial results for the employer.

The importance of motivation

According to research by Aon Hewitt, the undisputed leader in building employee engagement is the IT industry, where employees primarily expect opportunities for development and participation in interesting, challenging projects, in addition to financial factors. IT companies have long understood that a properly engaged specialist is a real treasure. After all, motivation is one of the most important functions of management and is based on the application of certain incentives, which can take the form of salary, non-salary material and intangible. Each company builds a motivational system in its own way, adapting it to its own specifics and to the expectations of employees. Organizational culture, financial situation, stage of development of the company and its size also play a big part in the development of these systems.

The effectiveness of a given incentive system depends mainly on whether it is suitable for employees, their age, interests and expectations. The employer has a wide range of possibilities in this regard, especially with regard to non-wage elements. On the one hand, these can be various benefits, and on the other-the implementation of the work-life balance policy. In fact, the incentive system is a benefit for all parties-it improves the atmosphere at work and the image of the employer, and the employees involved work better.

Polish IT and incentive systems

In the Polish IT industry you can find incentive systems based on quite similar elements. The basic solution is, of course, a financial incentive premium. Another element is various development programmes, often in the form of trainings and conferences. There is also no shortage of special benefits in these systems. Here are some examples.

The Wroclaw-based company Objectivity Bespoke Software specialists focuses primarily on motivation through the development of employees ‘ talents, implementing special tools that are used as elements of building staff engagement. An example is the so-called gold cards-the time used by employees to expand their knowledge, when they can develop various solutions and then present them to colleagues during lightning talks. Monthly face-to-face meetings between the leader and the employee are also practiced, which is part of the development process. Another Polish company-qumak-bases its incentive system on the financial bonus of employees and on a wide package of benefits and additional benefits, which include, among other things, private medical care (including family members of employees), subsidies for sports activities (MultiSport card), additional insurance, events for employees ‘ children, subsidies for employee training and subsidies for summer holidays.

Veracomp offers a motivational system based on three pillars: development, fun and self-care. As part of the development, internal and external training is organized, which allows obtaining various certificates. In addition, veracomp also prepares individual development paths for its employees. The latter also have access to the company’s library with professional literature. As part of the motivation, there are also organized joint events, exits, and even a gremial celebration of employees ‘ birthdays. Veracomp also provides free sports cards, runs its own volleyball and football teams, organizes trips to various sporting events. In addition, employees can count on private medical care, vaccinations and insurance.

These are, of course, just a few examples of typical incentive systems in it. Each company creates its own options and solutions to build employee engagement, adapting them to their own needs. If your employer offers an unconventional, original incentive system, we are waiting for signals. We’d love to write about it. 🙂

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