Lonn — an impressive new VR-cyberpunk

Lonn — an impressive new VR-cyberpunk

This new adventure game about cyberpunk from the Australian SixSense Studios out of the shadows for the last few weeks.




Lonn looks like it combines physics Boneworks, the style of Low-Fi and action Espire 1 in one bottle. You take on the role of the title character, a former bounty hunter who is after the disclosure of his plans is leading the fight against the evil mega-Corporation.


Lonn mixes different puzzles and adventure with sword fighting. As in the Boneworks, many of the items in the game have a physical presence; wooden pallets fall, when passing by trains, and wooden barriers are breaking down, when the enemy drones burst through them.



You can even use a pair of special gloves to pick up items with telekinesis (ironically, the game was announced the day before Half-Life: Alyx showed the same function).


Meanwhile, the world is a dark city-cyberpunk, which draws inspiration from sci-Fi epics such as “blade Runner”. The player during the battle reflects the incoming fire with his sword, seizes and destroys the drones with the help of telekinesis, and melee strikes too.


Just as Boneworks and Half-Life: Alyx, Lonn seems to be a game based on the lessons of the past games. Support headsets for playing yet to be announced.



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