Lenovo headset Mirage AR back with a new game in the universe Marvel and 6DOF controllers

Lenovo headset Mirage AR back with a new game in the universe Marvel and 6DOF controllers

Lenovo has released its first headset Mirage AR for smartphones last year, together with her only title, Star Wars: Jedi Challenges (2018) , a collection of short AR games, which allow you to fight with Darth Vader & Co. with a controller in the form of a lightsaber. Play HoloChess and challenge the Empire in tabletop RTS. Now Lenovo is back with a new AR game MARVEL Dimension of Heroes and a pair of 6DOF controllers.


Marvel AR AR Mirage will allow you to take the place of the superheroes, Dr. Strange, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Captain marvel and Star Lord — and fight super-villains in the original story.


In addition to saving the world in the story mode, the game also boasts a survival mode (with leaderboards) and quite intriguing local co-op mode that allows two users to Mirage AR to connect to a single Wi-Fi network and srazitsya side by side with such games supervillains like Loki, Ronan the Accuser, Metronom Prime and the Winter Soldier.


In addition, the new package will also include a pair of what Lenovo calls a “universal controllers” — two wireless 6DOF controller that will allow you to use both hands to punch, cut and blow.

  As last year’s kit, the system also comes with an external sensor for tracking, which helps to provide stable tracking of the 6DOF headset, and also for its universal controllers and the previously embedded controller lightsaber. Lenovo sells a set of headsets Dimension of Heroes MARVEL AR for $ 250 in the US Amazon.com and Lenovo.com .


Users who receive a new package, will also be able to play “Star wars: the Jedi call” using one of the tracked universal controller as a replacement to a lightsaber.

Marvel Dimension of Heroes — free download for iOS and Android . The headset supports a wide range of flagship phones, including: iPhone series X iPhone 8 / Plus, iPhone 7 / Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6 series, Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, S7 series, XL Google Pixel Google Pixel, Z2 Moto Force Moto Z, LG G6. Mate 10, a 10 Mate Pro, Nova 2S, Xiaomi MIX2, Sony Xperia XZ1.



Lenovo Mirage AR is not a traditional hardware platform itself — at the moment she has only two games, it’s nice to see that the company did not abandon her completely.

Now that Lenovo Mirage AR two 6DOF controller, it would be interesting to see if Lenovo decides to open Mirage AR to a greater number of developers seeking to create what could become a full-fledged platform augmented reality.



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