LAVR Tag — laser tag virtual reality for 100 people

LAVR Tag — laser tag virtual reality for 100 people

When children in the 80s were “the future”, he undoubtedly had opportunities to run through the futuristic laser tag with laser guns in the augmented reality space, free from wires or restrictions.


LAVR Tag version of laser tag for virtual-reality Entertainment released MANUVR using the Oculus Quest, provides an opportunity for children of the 80s, and now adults, finally realize his dream.


Of course, the concept of a VR laser tag is not new. However, most games were limited to six players, while the LAVR supports complex battle between the top 100 players. AI characters are also available to extend the number of people with whom you play.



More importantly, LAVR Tag works with the standalone VR headsets Oculus Quest — no backpack or wires are required, now nothing lowers the level of immersion in VR. This technology is clearly a success, if a vr attraction will start to use it

Shiny new technology that makes all this possible is a spatial anchor Azure from Microsoft that help you to create applications of mixed reality for accurate spatial visualization of objects. This allows developers to choose whether they want to create a space of mixed reality with points of contact with the physical world or the virtual space, completely separated from reality. According to co-founder MANUVR Derek Bolton, anchors provide location accuracy not previously seen in such conceptual games.






“Honestly, LAVR Tag even supports more than 100 players, although we do not recommend it for one arena,” said Sean Ong, co-founder MANUVR Entertainment, during one of the interviews. “But yeah, it’s all scalable. There is support for multiple arenas. We could dynamically switch between local and cloud servers. So Yes, the potential for scalability is quite great.”






According to Bolton, the technology has endless potential, beyond the fact that some already considered stellar application of this kind of mobility and flexibility in the spaces of virtual and mixed reality. In one interview he pointed out that, although LAVR Tag is the first use of this technology, it can foresee its use in educational establishments of the security services, the real estate market or industry.





“He did it without the Oculus,” continued Bolton, speaking about Sean Orge. “In fact, we use the Oculus, because we believe that this is the best headset ever created to date, and she even saved us time and effort because it is good.” The company also was the use of technology with other headsets.



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