Keyboard for the programmer. Which one should I choose?

Keyboard for the programmer. Which one should I choose?

We decided to lean on keyboards, but not ours, just keyboards for programmers. We check what parameters coders should pay attention to when buying such equipment for themselves and what models should be taken into account.

What to pay attention to?

On the market you can find many different models of keyboards. Therefore, choosing the best equipment can be a problem. Although most often programmers are guided primarily by their own preferences and habits (if they are allowed to do so by employers who provide tools for work), it is worth knowing what keyboard parameters to pay attention to.

Keyboard construction

Typing the code for hours also means intensive operation of the keyboard. If we want such equipment to serve us as long as possible, it is worthwhile to rely on durable keyboards, which, by the way, work precisely and provide high working comfort. The cheapest and most popular models are membrane keyboards (the key contacts the printed circuit board with a rubber membrane), but these wear out very quickly and are not very precise. A slightly better option are membrane keyboards, with additional scissor mechanism, providing greater durability and comfort of use.

Definitely the best on the market, but unfortunately the most expensive, are mechanical keyboards. Such models are even ten times longer from other types, they are characterized by high speed, precision and very well suited to the work of the programmer. Membrane keyboards are much slower than mechanical keyboards, but they work much quieter. Mechanical keyboards provide high typing comfort, quick return of the keys to the initial position, and their activation occurs often after a slight push, but these types of keyboards are usually larger than membrane and heavier.


It is important to build a keyboard that provides comfort and does not cause pain in the wrists even after many hours of work. Unsuitable equipment not only causes faster fatiguebut it can also lead to RSI disorders, also called computer disease. The programmer then feels pain in the wrist, tingling, numbness, etc. symptoms.

The best keyboards feature hand-shaped keys, arranged in light arches, everything is properly profiled, which facilitates faster and step-free writing. Such devices often also have special wrist pads, whose task is to relieve the joints. Some models are divided into two parts, which you can freely arrange on the desk and customize to your own needs.

The market is also not lacking so-called. ergonomic keyboards, which are characterized by a slightly different shape and layout of the keys than the classic models. Such solutions have their supporters, but also opponents. Users unaccustomed to such keyboards they complain about impractical solutions and low working comfort. However, many developers who began to use the ergonomic keyboard, do not imagine a return to the classic models.


A good solution is a keyboard that has additional keys with the ability to program them. To speed up your work, it is sometimes more convenient to prepare your own macros and assign them to the selected keys. For some keyboards, you don’t even need to run dedicated programs to manage customizable buttons, but you can record macros instantly with a single key.

Additional functionalities

To improve your work and just for your own convenience, it is also worth paying attention to the additional functionality of the keyboard. Some of them may seem obvious, but the lack of them can be annoying. A simple example are USB hubs. Their presence in the keyboard eliminates the need to bend down or stand up to attach an external device. Similarly, we can look at such elements as minijack input (for example, a microphone can be attached) or volume knob. Such facilities are not necessarily necessary in the daily work of the programmer, but sometimes they are useful.

Best keyboards for developers

Das Keyboard 4 Professional

One of the better models on the market. The German manufacturer offers a keyboard polished to the last detail, made of high-quality materials, very convenient to use. You can choose between two types of Cherry MX switches: brown (very comfortable keyboard for long programming) and blue (louder and less comfortable). This Das Keyboard model is equipped with two USB 3.0 hubs. Here you will also find multimedia buttons i volume knob. Technology was used to execute the keys UV hard coat-protected, which reduces the abrasion of the prints on them. The keyboard has support mounted on magnets, and the top panel was made of anodized aluminum. This model is often referred to as the thinnest mechanical keyboard in the world.

Price: approx. 670-750zł

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

The ideal model for developers who are looking primarily for very high ergonomics. This is one of the most popular keyboards of this type. Fluffy pad allows you to rest and relax your wrists. The comfort of work also ensures curved shapewhich is adapted to the natural position of the hands. The user has at his disposal shortcut keys, thanks to which you get quick access to various computer resources. An interesting solution is the slider located in the middle of the keyboard, with which you can use the zoom with one finger. The manufacturer has increased the functionality of the numeric keypad, placing in its upper part an equal sign, brackets and backspace. To avoid accidental pressing of the function keys, the ability to lock them has been introduced.

Price: about 210zł

Cooler Master SK650

Numeric keypad, which is characterized by a high robustness of execution, but at the same time it is convenient to use, slim and very handy. Its keys are contoured and extremely flat. It has Cherry MX Low Profile switches. For fans of gadgets will be to taste the fact that it has an effective backlight keys. With the included software and keyboard shortcuts, you can easily and quickly manage your system. Its disadvantage for some may be the fact that there is no adjustable slope.

Price: about 750zł

Logitech G915

This model is equipped with Lightspeed technology, which guarantees the shortest delay and reliability. This mechanical keyboard is a very good model not only for gamers, but also for developers. It has low-profile GL mechanical switches, which, with an audible click, provide an immediate response. As with the Cooler Master sk650, it also has backlit keys. Intelligent LIGHTSYNC RGB technology allows you to program the lighting of individual buttons in the range of ~16.8 million colors. We can transform the keyboard into a computer control center, and we have up to 5 G keys. The Logitech g915 has a Bluetooth option.

Price: about 850-1000zł

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Cherry MX

Corsair K95 is a mechanical keyboard in a lightweight aluminum frame, with a wrist support. It also has a backlight. Its keys are very sensitive, just press to a depth of 1.2 mm, and the command is immediately transmitted to the computer. This model has up to 6 programmable G keys. All functions of this keyboard can be managed using the CUE soft. The K95 Platinum provides an anti-Ghosting function (to prevent an extra button from being pressed) and a key rollover function (to determine how many buttons can be pressed simultaneously). This model also allows you to save up to three profiles with your own settings, without any software. It has a USB connector.

Price: about 850zł

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