“Jumanji”, a new VR experience from The VOID and Sony

“Jumanji”, a new VR experience from The VOID and Sony

In December, “Jumanji: a New level” starts in cinemas around the world. In accordance with the film, Sony Pictures and virtual Virtual Reality arcade game “The Void” has created a virtual reality experience.


In “Jumanji: Reverse the Curse” visitors “The Void” fall into the role of Dr. Smolder of Pavestone, ruby Roundhouse, Professor Sheldon “Shelly” Oberon and Franklin “Mose” of FINBAR. They are looking for a missing stone to return to the temple from which it was stolen. Each of the characters have individual abilities: only through teamwork, players can relive the adventure.


The VOID feature is that the virtual world and the real environment in a coordinated manner. For example, if you stand in front of a virtual stone in virtual reality, in reality, in the same place is a physical object (such as stone) — so you can’t just walk through it. For the creators of Jumanji VOID promise the opportunity to feel the moisture of waterfalls and the sandy heat of the desert.



More recently, The Void has been extremely successful thanks to the experience with the Avengers from the film VR: critics and visitors enthusiastically praised the VR journey into the world of the Avengers. They say that Jumanji even better and, according to The VOID, is “the most exciting and interactive” virtual reality experience to date.


Sony and The VOID previously worked in the field of virtual reality is on the topic of Ghostbusters.




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