Instrument Studio VR is a complete virtual recording Studio

Instrument Studio VR is a complete virtual recording Studio

Instrument Studio and VR is a complete virtual recording Studio with “all the tools and equipment necessary for the work.”


The app was developed by the Irish musicians Paul Cullen, who spent the last two years studying the development of VR, initially developing a simple virtual drumset in 2017. He was admitted to the Oculus Start in 2018, the program, which gives independent developers the hardware, advice and direct support.





Obstacles to becoming a great musician, because the instruments and recording studios are still very expensive and occupy much space. Instrument with Studio VR musicians can create these entries using only a headset and VR controllers.


Included tools have low latency, and provide a dynamic response in the tone and volume. Instrument Studio VR also includes the dynamic tactile music that allows you to feel what you play. To move around the Studio users can use the joystick to click on the tools menu, portable device, or use voice commands.


In this app many features. The developer obviously paid attention to detail, including such useful features as a piano composition that is stored in the form of scores for printing.


Instrument Studio VR on the Rift is available for $ 20. They will be followed by the Index Valve and Oculus Quest, and then Vive Cosmos. Cullen describes his work as “created by musicians for musicians”.



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