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Успейте приобрести курсы по разработке от Udemy за $11.99

Udemy offers more than 130,000 Obuasi courses in different areas: from positive psychology and work with children’s injuries to construction design and data structures.

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A full course on JavaScript + React

The course focuses on the detailed study of JavaScript and its immediate application in practice.

This means that you get the material to work with and will create real-world projects step by step.

The second part of the course is the study of a popular library based on JavaScript React.js with all the necessary technologies (including Redux).

A course for those who:

  • I know nothing about programming but wants to start,

  • new to JavaScript and want to quickly learn it and begin to apply at work,

  • he began his training with JQuery or another tool, but you lack knowledge of basics,

  • want to learn how to create web applications

  • want to learn the library React in real projects.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.
Cost: $11.99.

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React + Redux — professional development

The course is designed on the basis of React 16.12 (November 2019) and affects the Hooks and the latest innovations in the ecosystem React. It contains a detailed guide to the new syntax of JavaScript up to ECMAScript 2019.

The focus of the course is the practical application development on React. Will consider not only the efficient use of the React, but also an entire ecosystem of tools and libraries that are needed to create a full UI application.

When developing real applications will be explored the most important tools in the ecosystem React:

  • React (including Hooks),

  • Redux

  • React Router,

  • Webpack and Babel.

Course for:

  • developers who want to use React on a professional level.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5.
Cost: $11.99.

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WEB developer

The course focuses on extensive learning and immediate application of knowledge into practice. This means that you will get all the material to work with and will create real-world projects step by step.

You will go from installation of its first code editor to create a fully featured, fully functioning and located in the Internet sites. You will study the theoretical part and immediately apply it on real projects. All links to resources, additional materials, and bonus models for practice will be provided within the course.

Learn the basics of web development: what web site why you need it, the cycles of creation and much more, learn how to work with graphics editors and graphics for a web, including SVG. Learn and understand how to use HTML5/CSS3, JS and Jquery in real-world projects and more.

A bonus will be given several real-life models for the independent consolidation of acquired knowledge.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5.
Cost: $11.99.

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Python development

It’s complete, but at the same time a simple course on the Python programming language. After the course you will gain the skills needed for obtaining first job programming in Python, you can go to a higher position software developer will work with machine learning, data science, Django, or other popular areas specializiruetsya Python, or just learn Python to be able to quickly create their own applications in Python.

A course for those who:

  • has no programming experience and who want to gain skills to obtain his first job as a developer
  • want to buy minimum programming skills in Python required as a prerequisite for the transition to machine learning (machine learning), data science and artificial intelligence,
  • want to improve their career opportunities by studying the Python programming language.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.
Cost: $11.99.

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Node JS — practical course

The course provides information from the basics: from setup NodeJS to deploy the finished application and hosted it on the server. Server-side development in JavaScript and very thorough analysis of the relationship of client with the server on two real examples. A lot of practice and finished works in the portfolio.

You will save yourself from many months of reading documentation on more than 10 different technologies. In addition to the work of the technology itself in the course, you will learn about how they work together. And on this subject, you are unlikely to find in a single location structured documentation in the Russian language.

The culmination of the practical part of the course is the creation of a large static Internet store and complex REST API application. Repeating the lessons of the course, you will be able to create from scratch 2 apps and put them in your portfolio.

Course for:

  • Middle and Junior Frontend developers
  • freelancers
  • Web full stack developers
  • NodeJS Backend developer.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.
Cost: $11.99.

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