HTC Vive expands cooperation with Qualcomm

HTC Vive expands cooperation with Qualcomm

The software interface of the HTC Vive works on current Wave and will work on future Qualcomm glasses as standard.

With the software interface HTC Vive Wave interacts with in the ecosystem XR: it provides access to shop virtual reality HTC Viveport for a self-contained virtual reality glasses.

The interface is available worldwide from October 2018, the platform is Android. Vive Wave supports, among other things, wireless streaming PC software for VR mobile VR glasses.

Chinese manufacturers points, such as Pico, iQiYi, Shadow Creator, DPVR, and of course, HTC, bet on Vive Wave.

Glasses come with 5G Qualcomm Vive Wave

Cooperation Qualcomm and HTC, announced in March 2019, currently expanding. Future reference glasses from Qualcomm, which feature a Snapdragon 855, 865, XR1 or XR2, will come with interface Vive Wave.

All customers Snapdragon with one of the above mentioned processors are now able to access Vive Wave. Engineers HTC needs to support the implementation. According to HTC, Vive Wave also supports the transmission on the XR “XR viewer” via smartphone 5G and USB C.

Зрители XR подключаются к 5G-совместимому смартфону через USB-C. Qualcomm планирует выпустить первые модели со своим партнером в этом году. | Картинка: HTC / Qualcomm

“Combining the power and availability of 5G with latest technology, you’ll soon be able to access their favorite content anywhere,” according to HTC.

HTC and Qualcomm are also working in the field of hardware. For example, a self-contained VR glasses HTC Vive Focus Plus based on a reference design from Qualcomm. Future glasses HTC XR may also have the Qualcomm reference model as a basis: XR new device from Qualcomm for smartphone should be released later this year.


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