Google Tilt Brush: Hot-Dog-animals with a view

Google Tilt Brush: Hot-Dog-animals with a view

At the beginning of the Hot Dog was. The artist Estella Tse had with the 3D drawing program Google Brush Tilt a 3D-bread created a virtual sausage to it with mustard and Ketchup smeared. However, it is not gone. A user has snatched the template and the Hot Dog is a pair of legs, button eyes, and a snout missed. Another user has created from this template, is a whole Hot-Dog family, the stares from cliffs from a sparkling river.

Is this happening with the 3D drawing program Tilt Brush by Google. The signatories to swing two Controller through the air, which are replaced in the virtual space by means of color palette and paint brush. To paint with Tilt Brush, you need accordingly, an expensive Headset for Virtual Reality (VR). Compatible Tilt Brush HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. The Software itself costs 20 euros.

The Remix culture incite under the Tilt-Brush-signatories further, Google has now launched an online platform for the artist on your 3D works can present:

Many of the works of art there, look pretty impressive. The users have drawn a fire-breathing dragons, exploding firework rockets and beer drinking skeletons. A wide range of subjects from video games such as “Super Mario Land”, “Doom” and “Zelda” are to be found among the examples.

The Controller replaces the brush

The scenes appear even in the case of images in oil Painting-optics in a very vivid and due to the animated sparks and flickering lights are very much alive. The viewer can zoom with the mouse and the perspective change. It works even if one shares the moving pictures on Twitter and Facebook, and by embedding the code on a Website involves.

The uploaded images from the Virtual reality are also freely available for other Tilt Brush artist. According to Jason Toff, the group leader in the VR Team from Google, characterized all the uploaded 3D art works automatically with the Creative Commons license BY. That is, the work may be freely edited, when the author called on the license is linked.

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