Google may have canceled its new AR glasses

Google may have canceled its new AR glasses

According to the journalist Hugh Langley of Business Insider, Google would have canceled the development of the new augmented reality glasses with which it already made public trials last year. His sources are “three people close to the project.”

The decision to cancel these AR or smart glasses would have occurred at the beginning of this year, during one of the waves of layoffs and after the departure of Google’s head of AR/VR, Clay Bavor, from the project. If true, it would be the second time that the company puts an end to an AR glasses project after its Google Glass for consumers and businesses.

However, at the annual Google I/O event, several technologies related to augmented reality were presented and it was confirmed that they were working with Samsung on the development of some kind of AR or mixed reality device.

Hugh Langley’s sources say that this is still going on, that Google has terminated the development of hardware, but not the software, and they talk about a platform called Android XR for VR viewers and another called Micro XR for AR glasses.

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