Frustrain surreal VR-Thriller from Russian developers

Frustrain surreal VR-Thriller from Russian developers

What would happen if a regular train ride to add black-and-white graphics, a little sur and mystical plot? That’s right — the VR-game Frustrain, the creators of which, Pavel Pavlyukov and Dmitry Vorobiev, agreed to answer some questions about their development.



How did the idea of creating the game?


Paul: Initially, we wanted to make a 2D point-and-click adventure. Why a train, I honestly don’t remember. Just love trains.


Dmitry: the Last few years I have specialized in developing applications for VR. Had the idea to model one of the scenes in 3D and to move the very location and some of the characters in virtual reality to evaluate how it will look from the inside.


Paul: the Result inspired us and we started a new concept of rewriting the script and preparing the first prototype Frustrain.



Who is in charge?


Paul: Now project the two of us. I draw, model and write the script. And Dmitry is responsible for the fact that it all worked – logic programming, shaders, animation and interactivity.


What is the storyline Frustrain?


Paul: Dealing with passenger passenger stowaway understands that climbed the wrong train and now he is going to a place which had never heard of before. The sadness of mistakes gives way to alarm when the hero starts to notice oddities in the behavior of fellow passengers and staff. Yes, and the train begins to show activity, usually uncharacteristic of the trains.


Features (“features”) of the game, what is its originality and dissimilarity to others?


Dmitry: Frustrain distinguishes the visual style and narrative, which invented and developed Pasha. But for me the real challenge was to make it to work stably at such weak in terms of performance hardware like the Oculus Quest. But in the end everything turned out.


Paul: in Addition to graphics, we pay great attention to the story. Speaking about the events in the game event, probably would be better suited to the word “trip”. But this does not mean that is the history we’re going to slip some abstraction. The story itself will also be a puzzle.



Who designed the game and its audience?


Paul: 18+ In the game, there is erotic content, but it’s hard to say if he will stay. Think about adding a mode for inexperienced players. We want Frustrain was interesting for both Pro and those who do quests not playing, and just passed by, saw the funny pictures and decided to look. Platform.


Do you plan porting games to different platforms?


Dmitry: right now our primary platform is the Oculus Quest, then we are doing a demo and the main content. In the near future we plan to make a pitch and to continue meaningful development. In the future I also want to go to other VR platforms.


Интересно, зачем проводнику пистолет


What sources of inspiration help in creating the game?


Paul: part of the visual design, it’s a German genexpression. According to the story, the first number of David Lynch and David Cronenberg. Games will be called Observer and the games Studio, Rusty Lake. From the literature, Victor Pelevin and Cyril Krupansky.


When waiting for the release of the game?


Dmitry: We hope to find additional funding sources, in addition to its own resources, and if everything works out it will issue a release this year.


Paul: Yes, here, just in case, let me remind you that we are indie developers and would add that while the development was, and continues to go in your free time, at its own expense. In 2020 marks 100 years since the release of the film “the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” and we would be happy to coincide with the release of Frustrain to this beautiful date.



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