Favorite games developers

Favorite games developers

Have you ever heard of an American programmer who at work for 6 years, he was only engaged in playing his favorite game, and his duties during this time were performed by a properly programmed bot? This is a vivid example of how much a passionate gamer can do to keep up with their favorite pastime. Also, many Polish programmers admit that they are fascinated by computer or console games. We decided to check out their favorite titles.

Our summary was prepared after analyzing many topics on forums that bring together polish programmers. Thanks to this, we were able to determine the titles of the games that were most often exchanged by our native coders. However, first of all the games that you mentioned in the last post, when we shared with you your favorite games! You exchanged m.in.:

Command & amp; Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour

Doom (xD)

Forza Horizon

Gothic 3


The Settlers

Football Manager


Our summary:

This is a position almost mandatory for every lover of computer games. In fact, all the productions of the Polish studio CD Projekt RED won recognition, and especially the last part easily conquered the hearts of players around the world. It is not surprising that Polish programmers often mention the adventures of Geralt of Rivia. Excellent fun, addictive storyline and great graphics-so you can sum up all parts of the game Witcher.

Gothic series is an unforgettable action RPG game. The player is immersed in an incredible fantasy world and in the form of nameless. Without a doubt, this is already a cult series, which also strongly influenced other games of this kind and set the path for their development. There is one ” but ” – Polish programmers often emphasize that they love to play all parts of gothic with the exception of IV. Indeed, the last installment of the adventures of nameless did not impress, but the remaining titles-hats off!

This is the fourth game in the Warcraft universe. It appeared on the market in 2005 and quickly became a cult title among fans of the MMORPG genre. Not without exaggeration, you can write that a few years ago there was a real madness about world of Warcraft-around the world thousands of players traveled the fantastic land, and some of them even turned the game into a profitable business, developing their characters, and then selling them. The Warcraft universe has started to get loud again thanks to the cinema super-production.

The 2011 action game was another part of the Elder Scrolls series. This time, the developers used a completely new graphics engine compared to the previous titles of the series. Skyrim quickly gained fans who roamed the vast expanses of the frozen province of the world Tamriel. In November 2017, there was a refreshed version of the game, designed for the PlayStation 4, which was an opportunity to Skyrim again remembered. If someone has not played yet, it is worth a try. Many Polish coders appreciate this title.

First-person shooter from the cult series. At the end of 2016, a refreshed version of this game appeared on the market for both PC and consoles. The previous version of this title conquered the market and the hearts of players since 2007. Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a must-have for every shooting game lover. It is worth adding that this title brought for the first time the call of Duty series from the Times of World War II to the present.

Developers speak with appreciation about all parts of the Battelfield series. This is another first-person shooter that appears on our list. This series is appreciated for the unusual atmosphere, high playability and for the extensive multiplayer. It is not without exaggeration to say that Battelfield today belongs to the classics of the FPP. The first installment of the series appeared in 2002 and quickly gained recognition. Actually, each part is a different topic.

Who hasn’t heard of this series? Virtual games on the football fields of Europe and the world have been firing up players for many years. FIFA has left behind other competitors and today it actually Reigns alone in the genre of football games on PC and consoles. We are already used to the fact that every year there is a new edition of the game, and in addition, parts are released referring to the World Cup and the European Championship. The perfect combination for all those who are passionate about games and football.

Turn-based strategy, which appeared on the market in 1999 and still has many fans. It is worth recalling that in 2015 a refreshed HD version of this game was released both on PC and on mobile devices (Android / iOS). The plot develops from different points of view thanks to the many available campaigns. If someone gets involved in this amazing gameplay, they should also try out the rest of the series. We especially recommend the fourth installment with an amazing soundtrack.

Polish programmers also have a special sentiment for this second installment of the Diablo series. Well, the world is waiting to save him again, and after a day of programming, it’s the perfect thing for a tired coder to do. Diablo 2 appeared on the market in 2000, and two years later, industry experts recognized the title as the best game ever released. I’m sure there’d be other contenders for the title tonight. In any case, it is worth playing Diablo 2, because it is a production that is really addictive.

We finish our compilation with another cult series. This time we enter the extremely dark climes of the third-person shooter noir, where nothing is simple and obvious. There are no good and bad characters here, because in each lurk the elements of light and dark. Max Payne is a New York City police officer who is an extremely complex personality and faces numerous traumas. In 2008, he also became the hero of the film.

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