Facebook plans to launch its Virtual Reality the future

Who wants to buy a latest Virtual Reality glasses Oculus, has been in front of a decision-in-principle: The Oculus Quest, a pair of glasses that works wirelessly and independently from the local PC, which comes but in terms of game graphics quickly to their performance limits? Or just for the Oculus rift S Rift to opt for a Computer wired Headset so that it brings more powerful, but less flexible, therefore? You landed in both cases at about 450 Euro.

On Wednesday the Oculus could have made-mother of Facebook, the choice for many buyers a lot easier. On the Oculus conference Connect not only new Headset were presented prototypes. The company announced that for the Quest in November, a feature called Oculus Link will be unlocked.

Oculus Link will allow to connect the Quest via USB-C cable with a Gaming PC. So to be on the PC VR resulted in Games that were actually intended for the Rift S and the origin of the model, Rift, on the Display of the mobile glasses transferred. At the same time the Quest is to be charged via the cable.

In other words: On request, the wireless glasses to a wired Headset. You can with this – if, in practice, really everything works out as smoothly as Facebook promises it, thanks to the extra power from the computer hundreds of games to play so far with the Quest compatible.

Also with existing cables usable

This announcement is a Surprise, which should please a lot of Quest-owners. Especially since Facebook for Oculus Link, a private, five-Meter-long “Premium cable” to the market, the function is also with “the most high-quality USB-C-cables” third-party use. (The Oculus Quest with the appropriate cable, by the way, even now, with computers, connect them In this way, you can be among others with music and movies played on.)

The Rift S, so far as the high-end Headset in the Oculus-Portfolio, stages, and is expected to be by this appreciation of the Quest, however, is less attractive. Should not have the Link function in the November massive technical weaknesses, why you should opt for the wired glasses when you can have the Quest as a Hybrid? Most likely Facebook could help out here with discounts for the Rift S, which were not yet in view.

That Facebook provides for the Quest, apparently, as its flagship platform, also suggests a further announcement: as of the beginning of 2020, the glasses should offer as an “experimental Feature” Hand-Tracking. Instead of using the Hand controllers, users will be able to some of the games with your own hands-tax. Explicitly, this Feature was announced for the Oculus Quest, even though it would technically fit the same way to the Rift S.

Another novelty, after all, both Quest and Rift to appeal to-and Rift S owners. Under the name of “Facebook Horizon” is planning to Facebook, a new Social VR experience. The Software comes as a VR world of modular in Comic-book appearance, therefore, is to enable users without programming knowledge to build their own digital environments, in which you then with other VR users can interact with. “Facebook Horizon” should go at the beginning of 2020, in a beta phase for which you can apply now.

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