Download Space Invaders: World Defense now on your mobile

Download Space Invaders: World Defense now on your mobile

The alien world invasion has begun, and only humans with a compatible mobile phone will be able to stop it. Space Invaders: World Defense, Taito’s classic Martian killer, more real than ever thanks to Square Enix and Google’s ARCore geospatial technology.

It’s been 45 years since the launch of the first Space Invaders, the longest-running video game saga in history, and its new reincarnation uses augmented reality to make the fight against pixelated alien invaders more immersive than ever, which we will see appearing in any corner or street of our city or vacation spot.

Space Invaders: World Defense, available for Android and iOS systems, works with Google’s ARCore geospatial API and other techniques that combine AR and 3D in the player’s near environment, including buildings, bridges and other urban elements. It also adapts to the location in the real world, to the weather and the climatology that you do at the time of using this mobile game.

Explore the neighborhood to discover the invaders and defeat as many as you can, the more zones you free, the more points you will get to unlock special power-ups and climb positions in the classification lists by zones. Points are also earned for sharing game images and augmented reality selfies on social networks.

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