Developers happy New year and merry Christmas

2020 giveth up the Ghost, and the developers allow it to last way of congratulations, to mark the New year and Christmas. Below is a small selection of wishes.

To pass the time waiting for S. T. A. L. K. E. R. 2will return you to the snow-capped Cordon, which stalkers decorated with garlands… Back at least mentally, looking at the festive picture.

Among Us — the most unexpected hit of 2020, which was released a couple of years ago. Your gift in the form of crowds of fans Studio InnerSloth already received, as reported in the pre-treatment.

In our selection could not be Rainbow Six Siege! Now the game is available for timed mode “the Legacy” classic maps and operatives. What’s festive? Well, within the event, among other things, you can get skin Christmas elf for Ash.

Ubisoft made a little runner with characters and locations from their games. Rely for success discount code the company store and sastavci on motives of entertainment from “yubikov”.

On greeting image to “Twitter” Gotham Knights poster emblazoned with the date: 16-21 July. In the comments people are hoping that this is some kind of hint — maybe on the release date.

While CD Projekt RED brings the Cyberpunk 2077 in a sense, care about greeting fans on behalf of the company takes Geralt, saving Santa Claus from the evil bugs.

Each year, recruited a pile of holiday cards from the developers. As well, the PlayStation blog has gathered in one place several dozen pieces from the studios of Sony and its partners!

Publisher Devolver Digital released the is Fall Guys: Winter Knockout with live actors. Don’t worry, a huge pink beans was a place and among people.

The staff of Larian Studios to sing on camera a song about tadpoles from Baldur’s Gate III. Caution: the song gets stuck in my head worse than parasites because of the game itself!

Finally the mystery: why the head of Overwatch , Jeff Kaplan (Jeff Kaplan) this year did not come to sit by the fireplace? Is given to think 12 hours — so the Studio Supergiant Games offers to hold in thoughts have drawn fireplace in the style of his “bagel” Hades.

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