recommends: online game events in the second half of January рекомендует: онлайн-ивенты во второй половине января

A recent review mitapov, conferences, trainings second half of January, which was moved to online and not till the best times.

18.01 — 2021: Withholding tax and reporting HTP

On the online meeting experts of the companies “Do Your Thing” and REVERA will talk about income tax of 13%, OEM reporting, preparation for audit 2020 and approval of the annual accounts.

18.01 — Online course “Introduction to machine learning” from a RS School

The course is designed for developers who want to learn the basics of machine learning and data analysis. Course objective — to acquaint participants with basic machine learning algorithms and libraries and related software for application in practice.

18.01 — How to manage a global app quality team across the ocean

Manager of Forte Group will share experience of effective management of a remote team of testers global applications with 7 million users.

19.01 — NeurIPS New Year AfterParty: online meeting in Yandex

The meeting will feature presentations about NLP, RL, CV, methods of optimization, crowd-sourcing, forecasts of the traffic situation for the drone.

20.01 — BA Online Meetup

Business analysts from Andersen and Fabric Group will talk about the approaches to the decomposition of the solution to user stories, as well as using text-to obtain from the customer what you need, and convey to the team what you want.

23.01 — birthday community

At the festival the participants will have 2 sets of reports from professionals in the field of business intelligence, management products, the recruiting and the opportunity to ask them questions, and expert tables, thread for extension from your network and make new acquaintances, quiz, competitions and surprises.

24-31.01 — Free winter it the quest for children

The program of the event — robotics, sculpting, working with graphics, learning English and creating your own it project.

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