Connected speaker HomePod challenges Amazon and Google

Connected speaker HomePod challenges Amazon and Google

Published on 05.06.2017

What can the new HomePod from Apple?

At the Apple developer conference WWDC on Monday, Hollywood special effects studio ILM demonstrated how an iMac desktop computer is used to create a virtual reality scene from the “Star Wars”universe that users can immerse themselves in with special glasses.

The full range of Macbook notebooks and iMacs with built-in display has been refreshed with faster Intel processors and better graphics. For users who, like video professionals, rely on particularly powerful computers, there will also be an iMac Pro at the end of the year – “the fastest Mac so far”.

Apple recently had to put up with the accusation of neglecting professional Mac users because the Mac Pro computer designed for them has not been updated since 2013. Apple recently admitted that the group had maneuvered itself into a technological impasse with the unusual cylinder design of the Mac Pro and must design a new high-performance computer from scratch. The iMac Pro should provide a remedy until then.

Apple introduces connected speakers

Apple enters the connected speaker business. The iPhone concern announced a device called HomePod. The speaker has the shape of a cylinder. In the middle is a woofer for the bass. Seven tweeters arranged in a circle should provide spatial sound. Apple’s Siri assistance software is integrated, and you can talk to it using a system of six microphones.

Such a device had already been expected by Apple according to various media reports. Amazon and Google preceded Apple in this business with their connected speakers.

Some competitors like Sonos are good at bringing music to different rooms wirelessly, but they didn’t build smart speakers, said Apple’s head of marketing Phil Schiller. Others like Amazon with its “Echo” model and assistant Alexa built smart devices, but only offered mediocre sound quality. Apple wants to combine both and “revolutionize” the use of music at home, as once on the go with the iPod player, said Schiller.

The Apple speaker will initially be launched in the US, UK and Australia in December at a price of 349 dollars. The launch in other countries is planned for next year.

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