"Chinese Netflix" has released a standalone headset 4K 3DoF for $300

“Chinese Netflix” has released a standalone headset 4K 3DoF for $300

iQiyi, the company, which is often called the Chinese version of Netflix just released another standalone headset 4K 3DoF. iQiyi is a subsidiary of Baidu, the Chinese equivalent of Google.


iQiyi just not comparable to Netflix, he even carries a number of original products Netflix due to a significant license agreement.



This is actually the third headset iQiyi 4K 3DoF. The first was released in early 2018 using Snapdragon 821, and the second later in the same year using the same chip 835, which is used in the Oculus Quest .


What makes this new model special is the fact that it costs $ 300. Despite the fact that the helmet is the same resolution as HP’s Reverb (that is 2160 x 2160 pixels for each eye) and a fully computing equipment on Board, this headset is most likely sold at a loss, and the profit obtained through the service iQiyi.


Headset has the same VivePort M store that HTC Vive Focus . This gives it access to popular mobile VR games. However, the main application is pre-loaded app iQiyi, which gives subscribers access to streaming and downloading of thousands of movies available on this platform.


No headset or controller does not support positional tracking. Go and like Oculus , this headset is designed primarily for consumption of multimedia. The focus iQiyi was resolution, comfort and price.


The set has 32 GB of internal memory and a slot for SD memory cards up to 256GB of extra space. The battery capacity of 3500 mAh is much more than the battery at 2600 mAh the Oculus Go.


In the West Netflix came to VR through a partnership with another technology company (Facebook). China’s equivalent, the company has built a headset yourself. In both cases, it seems obvious that although such headsets like the Oculus Quest, are the future of games for mobile virtual reality devices, there is still a place for headsets 3DoF for movies and entertainment.


Source: uploadvr.com

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