Chilldex — cooler to Valve Index

Chilldex — cooler to Valve Index

Elegant cooler automatically adapts to the dissipation VR-headset at a comfortable temperature throughout the long sessions.


Having a resolution of 1440 × 1600 pixels on the LCD panels, speakers, near-field, three-dimensional directional audio support, and a standard refresh rate 120 Hz, Valve Index — one of the most powerful and easy to use virtual set. Naturally, all these powerful components can generate sufficient heat.



In an effort to deal with rising discomfort, Kyle Fredericks, a veteran designer, specializing in mechanical and electrical engineering, has developed intelligent cooling mod for the headset, Valve Index, which minimizes the heat generated by the headset, without creating a noticeable “wind” effect on the user’s face.


When connecting via the basic USB input on the front of the headset behind the front panel, the device is available in two versions: Standard and Chilldex Chilldex Premium.



Chilldex Standard has a dynamic fan speed for different games and experiences. Controlled via two physical buttons located on the edge of the cooler, lower fan speed to remove the air from the headset, offering cool temperatures during the less intensive work. On the other hand, higher speed fans draw air from the headset in the cooler fan through the gap between the front panel and the headset, providing even lower temperatures, not wind blowing in the face of the user and without causing dryness the eyes.


Chilldex Premium offers the same support cooling as the standard Chilldex, only with the added advantage of automatically determining the temperature. Simply put, the device instantly adapts to the thermal capacity of the headset and adjusts the fan speed. While Chilldex designed to seamlessly fit in an existing Valve design Index, Fredericks States that the mod will work more efficiently when removing the front panel.



“I started this project in response to the fact that he was fed up with the amount of sweat in the headset, just after a few songs Beat Saber sweat starts beating on my forehead and into my eyes,” says Fredericks on the official Kickstarter page. “I was just unhappy with the level of heat in your headset”.


Chilldex currently surpassed their goal on Kickstarter, and the campaign is still more than 2 weeks. Paying $ 40, you get Chilldex Standard; $ 50 for Chilldex Premium. Fredericks said that the mod will be released very limited edition, so all interested users Valve Index should hurry.



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