Bosworth answers questions about Quest Pro and Pico 4

Bosworth answers questions about Quest Pro and Pico 4

Andrew Bosworth, CTO of Meta and VP of Reality Labs, has again organized a Q&A session on his Instagram account, being almost all of them this time about Quest Pro. He has also given his opinion about Pico 4, a viewer that he welcomes to the market and describes as good, although hinting that he is inspired by the path they have traveled with Quest.

Todas las Versiones de Meta Quest Pro:

  • His favorite feature is stereoscopic mixed reality. There are still few applications that have used its potential, highlighting Cubism in that aspect.
  • Disappearance of the depth sensor: it was removed from the final version because it was too expensive for what it provided and to enhance the use of the rest of the sensors.
  • Face and eye tracking: It will reach third-party applications such as VRChat, and also the hand one.
  • The security limits of the Guardian can spoil the mixed reality experience, so it will be able to be disabled by users without having to be developers.
  • In a future update, full-color Passthrough will be added to both recordings and previews, something that content creators have been missing.

About Peak 4, Andrew Bosworth says that its arrival shows that there is a market with real opportunities for virtual reality, and that it will give developers the opportunity to reach more people. On a financial level, it is clear that he is a competitor for Meta. About the device itself, he thinks that on paper, some things seemed better than what the viewer actually is, but it’s a good VR viewer.

Of course, he thinks that there are aspects such as the user interface that are too similar to the Quest UI, so he makes it clear that in Meta they know that they are pioneers, that they are on the front line, and that it’s normal for some to take the easy way out and just copy. In a previous AMA session, he also complained that Meta cannot sell Quest in China, while ByteDance seems that it will be able to enter the American market.

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