BMW presents smart glasses for motorcycle driving

BMW presents smart glasses for motorcycle driving

The car company BMW has presented the smart glasses BMW ConnectedRide, designed to make short and long motorcycle trips easier. Relevant information such as speed or a navigation map is projected on your screen. They will be supplied with interchangeable 85% tinted or transparent crystals, being available in two sizes.

With the shape of sports sunglasses and UV protection, the information on the screen can be turned off or on at any time by means of a button located on one of the temples, where the charging interface is also located, to which power is supplied by a cable, a battery of about 10 hours duration.

The projection module is located on the right lens, in the inner part. In addition, they have a light sensor that automatically ensures that the driving information can always be clearly seen without glare.

In addition to being available in two sizes, they include four different nasal pads to perfectly fit any type of face. In the case of having to wear prescription glasses, it is required to use an RX adapter in which to insert the prescription lenses that we need.

The BMW Motorrad Connected app, available for iOS and Android, is responsible for connecting our mobile phone with the glasses and the motorcycle via Bluetooth. From that app you can adjust the position of the screen data to our field of vision or to the position (more or less inclined) in which we drive. It also allows you to choose which driving information you want to show or hide.

The price of these glasses BMW ConnectedRide round the 700 € in Europe, being already available through the usual official distributors of the brand. This device is a first step towards future augmented reality glasses designed for driving. Remember that Meta and BMW are also exploring the use of the XR inside cars.

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