Blaston kicks off a new era with its Reloaded update

Blaston kicks off a new era with its Reloaded update

Starting today, and through a free update, the one-on-one shooter multiplayer Blaston from Resolution Games evolves and becomes Blaston: Reloaded, bringing new weapons and accessories, game modes, seasons and a desktop application in May that paves the way for the arrival of a professional eSport competition.

What’s New in Blaston Reloaded:

Accessories for weapons: choosing the most suitable weapons before each duel has always been part of the strategy to defeat the rival, but now you can also add different accessories that add a new tactical component to each game. Starting today we will find 30 unique modifiers for our 10 weapons, and their number will increase in upcoming updates. This is intended to make the fighting more exciting for both players and spectators.

New weapon, the Luma bow: the pistols are taken with only one hand, but to handle this bow we will need both. Using it will be a challenge, and also an opportunity to inflict spectacular damage on the enemy. In addition, in collaboration with Fast Travel Games, we will be able to get the Cyber Bow cosmetic skin for this bow, the weapon of the protagonist of the Apex Construct game, as a gift until May 5th. After that date it will go to the store as a legendary skin.

Street Brawl: a new seasonal game mode, in which duelists will face each other at a long distance in the Scrapper’s Street environment, exclusively using the Cybernetic Bow and a much faster modified Nova, so we will have to be fast shooting and dodging.

Fair play in eSport competitions– with the arrival of Blaston: Reloaded the game has been prepared to ensure that professional eSports tournaments can be held with guarantees of fairness and balance. For this, the study has partnered with VRML (Virtual Reality Master League), one of the leading organizations in virtual reality sports, with which they will celebrate from May the Blaston VR Master League, which you can sign up for at this link.

Blaston’s 1v1 duels, looks, and unique weapon options combine to make it an ideal game for professional competition. We can’t wait to see how some of the best teams deal with it,” says Alex ‘Nightfiree’ Tukey, casting coordinator and member of the VRML board of directors

Finally, to facilitate the coverage of eSports events and their friendly tournaments organized by the players, Resolution Games has announced that it will launch the Blaston Spectator app for PC on May 5th. It will be free, we will find it on Steam, and it will provide a series of visualization options for the public, beyond the first-person view that is traditionally seen through the viewers, perfect ideal match capture companion for league organizers and streamers.

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