As the 3D appearance of games of the future

As the 3D appearance of games of the future

In an imposing video clip, the developers of Magic Leap, show how you think of computer games of the future. The Clip is supposed to be a compensation for it that the developers had recently canceled a talk at a Ted conference.

For the Video the 3D experts have mixed the real environment of an office workplace with the virtual computer effects. From the first-person perspective, the player has to desks, walls and indoor plants. First, a three-dimensional E-Mail appears in your field of view. Swipe and tap movements of the user to dig through his messages. But then he switches to the program and starts a game called “Dr. Grordbort’s Victory”, a first-person shooter in the Steampunk Look.

Shortly after, you see a virtual robot through a virtual hatches in the ceiling in the office overthrow. The player grabs a plastic gun in a Retro Look from the Desk and fires laser beams to. The bullets leave the virtual Rußflecken on the walls, the debris, the robot seem to splinters across the room and to stay on the floor.

Finally, a tank breaks through the wall of the House and opened fire on the player. There are stunning images. Magic Leap says: “this is The game we play in the office.”

But obviously, Magic Leap has not filmed the Clip in a real game, but for the rotary support at Weta Workshop brought. The company is from new Zealand has made particular with special effects for Hollywood strips a name.

With the computer-generated world in the “Lord of the rings”trilogy and for the effects in “King Kong” has Weta Workshop has already won four Oscars. The company employs, among others, the Designer Greg Broadmore, who invented the Steampunk art figure-Dr. Grordbort, from the Film shown, the game takes its name.

But even if the Film shows not a real game, but is rather to be understood as a kind of Declaration of intent: It gives an interesting view of how in the future the games with Augmented Reality glasses might look like.

In January, Microsoft had caused quite a stir, as the group announced an Augmented-Reality glasses. The Hololens is called the device should be able to show virtual objects in the field of view of the user, and could be a game scenario, such as Magic Leap, it outlines in his Film, just the right Hardware.

It is the first Time in many months, that Magic Leap lets hear something from. This is good news for the investors. Finally, Google and co. have invested more than $ 500 million in the company. The Augmented Reality company is looking for strong, according to employees on the site, more than a hundred Jobs are advertised. The company is seeking, among other things, Software developers, 3D experts and Audio engineers.

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