AR controller Litho available for $ 200

AR controller Litho available for $ 200

Earlier this year, British startup Litho revealed his idea for a hardware managing and manipulating digital objects in the real world — an elegant device which is placed between the index and middle fingers. Designed for the growing trends in augmented reality technology, Litho initially started with carefully selected beta program for interested developers. Now the developers AR unable to access equipment for 199.99, ending in US dollars.


Litho Interaction


Litho is the brainchild of two childhood friends Nathan Martin (CEO) and Charlie Bruce (CTO), who wanted to move spatial computing from the flat screens of smartphones to 3D-sphere. Thus, the device connects via Bluetooth low energy, offering gesture controls for creating and managing three-dimensional objects, while the bottom side has a touch pad for your thumb to add additional input.


Litho can work continuously about 8 hours under 2000 hours of waiting. In its tiny frame also built a linear resonant actuator (LRA) for haptic feedback. The weight of the gadget is only 24 grams.


The current model is designed exclusively for developers at the moment who use Unity. Package software development kit (SDK) supports creating content in Unity for iOS and Android platforms, equipped with infrastructure interactions for creating, positioning, scaling, accurate rotation, and also presets the context and the user interface for managing objects and settings on video games.





“Litho is unique in that crossplatforming and does not depend on productivity,” the statement said Martin. “This means that developers creating apps for niche Unity AR headsets like HoloLens, can also create apps for iOS and Android with one click. This will allow a huge number of people to try this experience AR for $ 199”.


Litho is not restricted to AR interaction. The company also has a number of cases when the controller can be used as a mouse (in a future update) or even in the system of “smart house” to turn on and off the light.





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