Apple will release a VR headset/AR in 2022, the glasses are lightweight AR in 2023

Apple will release a VR headset/AR in 2022, the glasses are lightweight AR in 2023

According to a report from the Information, Apple may release a VR headset/AR with extensive features of mixed reality in 2022, and then the glasses are lightweight AR in 2023.


The information States that these details were disclosed during a large presentation with about 1000 employees, which indicates that the team Apple’s VR/AR more than previously thought.


2022: headset VR/AR


It is reported that the headset has the code name N301. She is described as resembling a Quest Oculus from Facebook, but with a more smooth design. Saying that Apple uses the same materials as the Quest, but the report indicates that the focus will be on reducing weight that the device can be conveniently worn for longer periods of time.


While the Quest is basically a virtual reality device, say N301 uses more spatial mapping environment for mixing simulated and real elements of the room. Then N301 may one day become a real mixed reality headset Apple allows developers to include elements of the physical environment in their software.


They say that the Apple device has a high enough resolution to read small text. Apple will be able to use this headset with its own chips that can provide a competitive advantage over Facebook that use Qualcomm’s chips.


The report suggests that Apple may turn to developers in 2021 to start to create content for the system.


AR Apple


2023: glasses AR


A more ambitious Apple product is reportedly codenamed N421. This project is described as light glasses AR designed to be worn throughout the day.


One of the sources of The Information which has seen the prototype, describes it as “expensive sunglasses with a thick frame in which the battery and chips”. In 2018 Apple acquired Akonia Holographics , a startup working on new optics for the AR, based on holography.


In September, MacRumors reportedly found links to AR glasses called “Garta”, and the interface to launch them into space called “StarBoard”. When the final build 13 iOS was released to developers, developer Steve Troughton-Smith was able to review the code and confirm approval of the report . N421 may be a consumer device on the basis of this project.


If these AR glasses will hit the market, Apple could enter into direct competition with Facebook, which is also developing AR glasses for the same period of time. Last year in the Business Insider report it was mentioned that a prototype of Facebook is also reminiscent of the traditional glasses.


According to some senior managers Apple AR glasses can replace “Apple” smartphones in the next 10 years.


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