Apple patents AR glasses with shading lenses

Apple patents AR glasses with shading lenses

As soon as augmented reality glasses, Apple continue to approach their announced launch date of 2020 year, the company’s patents provide evidence of some of the key concepts, worked out by engineers. A recently published patent application sets out how the company can translate your points AR in VR mode or AR mode with higher contrast using photochromic lenses with controls for opacity, much like modern smart window.


Considering his invention exclusively through HMD (Nagolovnym display (eng. Head-mounteddisplay), Apple calls this technology system adjustable opacity — layer inside the lens that uses ultraviolet light to control the level of transparency of the lens from transparent to opaque. Sunglasses with a simple form, the same concept became popular 20 years ago, automatically turning to darker shades, when users went outside and was exposed to the sun, and become more transparent when wearing and comfortable.

The system offered by Apple is not a passive, or even completely objective; rather, it may “selectively darken part of the real light from field of view”. Tiny mirrors can direct ultraviolet light on the individual pixels in the lens, dimming or completely blocking the light to provide superior contrast when displaying computer content on real objects in the world.



Modern sunglasses AR, as a rule, use one level of transparency of the lens, which can make digital content “ghostly”, while providing a mixed view of real and digital elements. Assuming Apple has the same capabilities, as suggested by the patent, the lens may be partially opaque, which increases the brightness of the digital objects, or potentially completely opaque, like VR glasses.


Whether photochromic lenses and AR glasses Apple, is still unknown. Although fairly easy to apply for a patent on this technology, this concept involves the use of microdermal the size of a pixel, which may lead to increased cost, size and complexity of the electronic headset. On the other hand, the implementation of this function can make the glasses useful with a larger number of various external conditions.


If the Apple will be carried out in accordance with the coolantitemim schedule, we’ll know more in the next year.


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