Apple is working on a completely new product in 2018, it could come on the market

tim cook google glassAP / Matthew Sumner for Getty Images

It is a while since, that Apple is trying on a new product category and, thus, story has written. The last new product, the Apple Watch was more of a Flop, and the Fans are waiting so far in vain for the “Next Big Thing”.

Now Apple wants to bring a brand new product on the market. As early as 2018 it could be, according to “Bloomberg” in the shops.

But this Time, it is not a completely new Innovation that the world has not seen yet. Instead, the iPhone group does not seem to follow in the footsteps of Google and tries to be a smart pair of glasses. The development is already so far advanced that already with manufacturers to negotiate, they say.

For Apple data glasses would be uncharted territory.

It is rumored that the portable device is intended for the transmission of data, to offer truly comprehensive AR-experience, as it promises to be, for example, the Hololens from Microsoft. But it could still use technologies of augmented reality, such as “Bloomberg” writes.

As well as the Apple Watch must be connected to the Apple glasses with an iPhone, so you can use all the features. This is necessary in order to keep the weight of the glasses as low as possible and you look more chic, says the report. Too much electronics would be directly in the smart glasses both of which are impossible.

The most Important thing to a pair of data glasses, the glasses of course. The Blogger Robert Scoble wrote in a Facebook post that Apple would have done with the German company Carl Zeiss. The company is currently developing even a smart pair of glasses with the name of Zeiss and Smart Optics. The Patent, the Carl Zeiss used for it, by the way, Thomas Old, who now works for Apple. Officially, a partnership of the two companies has not been commented yet.

“I believe that the majority of the people in the industrial Nations, and, ultimately, in all other countries, every day AR experiences, as well as take three meals a day. So, of course, will be,“ said Apple CEO Tim Cook last month.

There’s one catch, however: Apple is working internally to many different projects. Only few of them really come on the market. But Apple is experimenting just to integrate Augmented Reality into its Software, and the data glasses would be the perfect first Hardware product to this market.

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