A study of GDC 2020: VR headset Oculus dominate among developers

A study of GDC 2020: VR headset Oculus dominate among developers

The latest survey of game developers conducted ahead of game developers Conference (GDC 2020), revealed a significant change in the interest of developers to VR headsets.


In previous years HTC Vive dominated the survey results, but from the Oculus Quest Facebook dominates this year along with the Index Valve and Rift.


The key question of the survey — What platform VR/AR is the most interesting as a developer, you now? (Choose all that apply optionoptions) increases the interest of developers to create software for multiple VR headsets and AR. In the review of the 2020 Oculus Quest dominates with 39 percent, while Valve Index follows in second with 22 percent, while the Oculus Rift is approaching 21 percent. Headsets Windows Mixed Reality AR like the HoloLens, 17 percent, while the One at Magic Leap and HTC Vive 16 percent.


Vive Cosmos received only 7 per cent (slightly more than the now defunct platform Gear VR with 5 percent). It should also be noted that individual items in the survey was, Vive Pro, Vive Focus, Focus Plus Vive Pro and Vive Eye, whereas the Rift was granted only in the singular, which probably led to the unification of all responses for the interest of the development of the Oculus PC under one entry in the HTC division between several of its headsets.


Here are the results of the survey in 2020 with charts over the last few years:













Another important question in the survey, in 2020 more specific: “what platform/platforms VR/AR, you are now developing? (Select all that apply) “, and this issue increases the position of the HTC Vive to 20 percent, while the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest ahead of others with 25 and 24 percent respectively.


Here is a chart for this question in 2020:



You can take the full survey for yourself by completing the information on this page.



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