3 ways to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral in VR

3 ways to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral in VR

Beautiful medieval Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris suffered from a devastating fire the day before yesterday during the repair. The spire and a large part of the roof was, unfortunately, lost, but, fortunately, the rest of the building remained intact.

President Makron has promised to rebuild and restore the beloved Cathedral. But although this happens, it is likely to be partially or completely inaccessible.

Fortunately, you can use the power of virtual reality to visit Notre Dame, not even leaving the room.


TARGO 360° Documentary


TARGO is a French company producing video immersive. Just two months ago they released a 8-minute 360-degree documentary film about the Notre Dame Cathedral.

The documentary focuses on the current “Rector-Archpriest” of the Cathedral, and also covers his story. The camera leads you to every corner of the Notre Dame, even to the top of one of the towers.



TARGO video can be viewed on various platforms virtual reality and video sources:

  • Go Oculus / Gear VR: the search for “the Man behind Notre Dame” in the main menu
  • PlayStation VR: use the YouTube app VR app or WITHIN the app LittleStar
  • PC VR: use the YouTube app VR app or WITHIN the app LittleStar

Google Earth VR


Google Earth VR uses a combination of satellite and aerial photography and 3D scanning highly detailed digital recreation of the real world. One of the cities with full details is Paris. Google Earth allows you to scale the VR world as you like, and physically navigate through it in virtual reality.



Google Earth VR available for free on Oculus Rift and SteamVR .

You can find the Notre-Dame Google Earth VR, opening the main menu and then clicking the search icon at the bottom. Just look for Notre Dame, and select it.


Eagle Flight

A less obvious way to see the Cathedral — in the name of Ubisoft 2016 Eagle Flight. You fly like an eagle in the first person with a simple goal to build its nest on the highest point, which you can find among the overgrown ruins of Paris in the distant future. The first socket is located at the Notre Dame Cathedral.




Source: uploadvr.com

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