17,8 billion DOLLARS on AR and VR in 2018, almost two times more than in 2017.

Research firm IDC predicts that in 2017, global spending on virtual reality and augmented reality made of 17.8 billion in 2018, nearly 95%. compared with szacowanymi for the current year cost of the procedure 9.1 billion.

In the period 2017-2021 global costs of products and services, VR/AR needs to grow at an average annual rate of 98.8%.

The source of investment is the sector of the consumer market ($6.8 billion in 2018). In turn, the consumers needs in 2021. to allocate more than $ 20 billion on these technologies, with an average annual growth rate of 45.2%.

In turn, the geographical aspect, more than anything VR/AR in 2018. to publish in the United States (6.4 billion DOLLARS), and then in the region of Asia Pacific excluding Japan (UAH 5.1 billion), as well as in EMEA ($3 billion).

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