10 companies that are willing to hire IT students

10 companies that are willing to hire IT students

According to experts ‘ forecasts, in 2020 around the world will be missing approx. 1 million developers. The demand for IT workers is so great that for a few years we can observe a dynamic development of internship programs for beginners. No wonder that more and more companies are looking for talented employees already in college, offering them their first job. Where to find such employers?

More and more IT companies are cooperating with universities. According to the ABSL Report “IT services market in Poland”, 78% of this cooperation is related to the recruitment of future employees. Conferences, trainings and research projects are also organised to broaden students ‘ knowledge and, as a result, to attract better-educated staff.

For all those who study computer science and would like to know which companies to apply to to get their first job, we present list of companies that are willing to recruit young employees. For the sake of order, we have adopted the alphabetical order of such employers:

The head office of the Polish branch is located in Warsaw, but Atos also has offices in other cities, such as Wrocław, Krakow, Gdańsk and Toruń. This company works closely with several universities precisely in order to attract young, talented employees among students. Atos implements projects with, among others, the University of technology and natural sciences in Bydgoszcz, Kazimierz wielki University in Bydgoszcz, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and the higher banking school in Toruń and Bydgoszcz. The Atos academy program provides free weekend training by experienced Atos engineers.

The well-known Asseco brand is also keen on young employees, offering them various internship programs and internships, such as Asseco Starter internship program, Asseco Starter graduate program. Asseco is also happy to cooperate with universities from all over Poland as part of the Polish programmers project – students benefit from internships and scholarships.

The American company Cisco does not need to be particularly introduced, because it is a giant in the IT market. In its Polish branch, this corporation is also open to young talent, and in addition runs the CISCO Academy, where training for students is carried out. The American company cooperates closely with the Academy of mining and metallurgy in Cracow and with the Silesian University of technology in Gliwice.

This Cracow company cooperates closely with the University of Economics in Cracow within the Comarch academy, while together with the Academy of mining and metallurgy in Cracow, Jagiellonian University and the Cracow University of technology, the educational project Comarch skills laboratory is being implemented. In addition, the company also offers numerous internships and internships, after which the best students receive a job offer.

The American Corporation implements a program of student educational practices (participants create their own project under the supervision of an IBM specialist). In addition, the company also offers internships for doctoral students. IBM cooperates closely with the University of Economics in Katowice and with the Jagiellonian University. Internships and educational projects are an opportunity to attract the most talented students and offer them a job.

The Katowice-based company JCommerce cooperates with various Polish universities, especially with Jagiellonian University, Warsaw University of technology, Opole University of technology, Warsaw University of technology and Silesian University of technology. The company also implements the jstudent program (training at the company’s headquarters, getting closer to the specifics of working in an IT company, catching talent).

Mobica is keen to expand its staff with young talent, and in addition, it cooperates with the Warsaw University of technology, providing technical and substantive support to local students.

The American company every year very willingly takes part in university job fairs, offering talented students internships, and then a career in the international environment. Motorola Solutions cooperates closely with the Academy of mining and metallurgy, Jagiellonian University and the Cracow University of technology.

Sii likes to boast that it employs not only graduates, but also ambitious students. The company offers internships, such as a summer talent academy or an intensive it internship. Sii cooperates with universities from all over Poland.

Pwpw not only provides physical products-in the form of a card document, or a booklet, for example, IDs, biometric passports, driving licenses, but also provides IT systems in which these documents operate. The IT team designs proprietary IT solutions, such as Eid/ePassport or specialized software (the so-called applet). In this regard, the demand for skilled professionals is constantly growing. That is why the IT Incubator was created, thanks to which a beginner can enter the IT industry under the guidance of experienced mentors.

We hope that one of the above companies fell to your taste and you will want to start your professional career in it. Good luck and fingers crossed for you!

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