​Scientists resurrect extinct animals using Augmented Reality Technology

Scientists resurrect extinct animals using Augmented Reality Technology

Now you can look at more than a dozen legendary animals of the Ice Age.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History and Lla Brea Tar Pits have teamed up with researchers from the University of Southern California to create a series of scientifically accurate 3D models of more than a dozen Ice Age animals, including a huge Columbian mammoth and a terrifying saber-toothed tiger.

As the team says, when creating “paleoart”, works of art depicting prehistoric life, scientific accuracy often remains in the background. Therefore, in many museums and expositions that we visit, you can often see inaccurate copies. For this and other reasons, organizations have teamed up to create scientifically accurate 3D models of 13 legendary animals that are animated using augmented reality technology.

To get access to augmented reality animals on ordinary smartphones, the team chose a simplified low-poly view. Don’t think it’s just a game. Not only the appearance of each animal is accurate, but also their movements and behavior. The project was described in detail in the palaeontologia Electronica study.

The lead author of the study, Dr. Davis, said that paleoart is an important part of paleontological research, so they decided to publish all the scientific research and artistic decisions made during the creation of these models. So other scientists and paleoartists will be able to criticize and help the work of the team.

The innovation of the approach lies in the fact that it is possible to create scientifically accurate works of art for the metaverse, while not paying excessive attention to details for which there is no fossil evidence. Now the site presents

13 animals of the ice age:

Ancient Bison

american lion

american mastodon

the colombian mammoth

the ancient wolf

dwarf pronghorn

harlan ‘s ground sloth

saber – toothed cat

The Goon sloth Shasta

Short – faced bear


Western Camel

Western Horse

You can view these models for free via Snapchat, Instagram, Sketchfab.

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